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Sinónimos de raw en inglés:


  • 1 a piece of raw carrot raw fish
    [Antónimos] cooked
  • 2 the cost of raw materials is likely to rise raw silk
    [Antónimos] refined, processed
  • 3 a group of raw recruits
    inexperienced, new, lacking experience, untrained, unskilled, unpractised, untried, untested, unseasoned, untutored, unschooled;
    callow, immature, green, ignorant, naive, unsophisticated
    [Antónimos] experienced, skilled
  • 4 his skin was raw in places
    sore, red, inflamed, painful, sensitive, tender;
    abraded, chafed, skinned, open, exposed, unhealed, bloody
    technical excoriated
  • 5 it was a raw morning with a bitter east wind
    informal nippy
    British informal parky
    [Antónimos] warm, balmy
  • 6 the raw emotions depicted in such stories
    strong, intense, passionate, fervent, vehement, powerful, violent, acute;
  • 7 raw, contemporary images of Latin America
    [Antónimos] unrealistic, idealized
  • 8 raw but authentic artistic power
    unsophisticated, crude, rough, unpolished, unrefined, undeveloped
  • Frases

    in the raw
    informal I slept in the raw See naked
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