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Sinónimos de recognize en inglés:


  • 1 Hannah recognized him at once
    identify, place, know, know again, pick out, put a name to;
    remember, recall, recollect, call to mind;
    Scottish & Northern English  ken
    rare agnize
    [Antónimos] forget
  • 2 he had never liked Marler, though he recognized his ability
    realize, be aware of, be conscious of, perceive, discern, appreciate, understand, apprehend, see, be cognizant of
    informal take on board
    rare cognize
    [Antónimos] overlook
  • 3 psychotherapists recognized by the British Psychological Society
    officially approve, certify, accredit, endorse, sanction, put the seal of approval on;
    acknowledge, validate, accept as valid, ratify, uphold, support
  • 4 the Trust recognized the hard work of those involved in the project
    pay tribute to, show appreciation of, appreciate, give recognition to, show gratitude to, be grateful for, acclaim, commend, salute, applaud, take one's hat off to, reward, honour, pay homage to
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