Sinónimos de refuse en inglés:

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refuse 1

Pronunciación: stress on the second syllable


  • 1 he refused their invitation to lunch
    decline, turn down, say no to;
    reject, spurn, scorn, rebuff, disdain, repudiate, dismiss, repulse;
    shake one's head, send one's regrets;
    baulk at, demur at, protest at, jib at, draw the line at
    informal pass up
    British informal knock back
    [Antónimos] accept
  • 2 the Council refused planning permission
    withhold, not grant, disapprove, deny, discountenance
    informal give the thumbs down to
    [Antónimos] grant
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    refuse, decline, reject, spurn
    These words all share the basic meaning of saying ‘no’ to something, but they can also convey how or why it was said.Refuse is the most neutral word for simply saying ‘no’ to a request, suggestion, or offer ( I refused to answer their questions | he must refuse any food offered him). Refuse is the only one of these words that can have two objects ( the USA had refused him an entry visa).To decline something is to refuse it politely and rather formally ( I am sorry to have to decline your offer). Decline and refuse are the only two of these words that can followed by an infinitive ( he declined to speculate about a cancer cure).Reject suggests that what is on offer is felt to be not good enough ( an article which her editor had rejected). It is also used, especially in official contexts, when a request is not granted ( the coroner rejected a request to submit a technical report). Reject is also used of the body's immune system response to a transplanted organ.Spurn suggests disdain or contempt ( the opposition spurned an invitation to participate in a coalition government | she cut herself off from us and spurned our forgiveness), although nowadays journalists often use it in a weaker sense ( pensions managers may spurn equities). Both spurn and reject are also used of refusing affection to someone who used to be or might be expected to be the object of it ( a spurned lover | he was reared on the bottle, having been completely rejected by his mother).
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    Sinónimos de refuse en inglés:

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    refuse 2
    Pronunciación: stress on the first syllable


  • dogs nosed around in piles of refuse
    rubbish, waste, debris, litter, garbage, discarded matter, detritus, dross, landfill, scrap, rubble, slag, spoilage, sullage, sewage, slop;
    North American  trash;
    Australian/New Zealand  mullock
    informal dreck, junk
    British informal gash
    Archaeology  debitage
    rare draff, raffle, raff
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