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Sinónimos de relieve en inglés:


  • 1 a battery-powered device which helps relieve pain
    alleviate, mitigate, assuage, allay, soothe, soften, palliate, appease, ease, dull, reduce, lessen, diminish
    [Antónimos] aggravate
  • 2 his studies helped to relieve the boredom
    counteract, reduce, alleviate, mitigate, brighten, lighten, sweeten, bring respite to, make something bearable;
    interrupt, punctuate, vary, break up, stop, bring an end to, cure, dispel;
    [Antónimos] exacerbate, emphasize
  • 3 there was no shortage of helpers to relieve us for breaks
    replace, take over from, take the place of, stand in for, act as stand-in for, fill in for, substitute for, act as a substitute for, deputize for, be a proxy for, cover for, provide cover for, act as locum for, hold the fort for, do something in someone's place/stead
  • 4 this relieves the teacher of a heavy load of formal teaching
    free of/from, set free from, release from, liberate from, exempt from, excuse from, absolve from, let off, extricate from, discharge from, unburden of, disburden of, disencumber of;
    rare disembarrass of
    [Antónimos] put an extra burden on
  • Frases

    relieve oneself
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