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Sinónimos de roll en inglés:


  • 1 the empty bottle rolled down the pavement
    turn round and round, go round and round, turn over and over, spin, rotate;
  • 2 waiters rolled in trolleys laden with food
    wheel, push, trundle
  • 3 we rolled past endless rows of shacks
    travel, go, move, pass, cruise, be carried, be conveyed, sweep
  • 4 the months rolled by
    pass, go by/past, slip by/past, slide by/past, sail by/past, glide by/past, fly by/past, elapse, wear on, steal by/past, march on
  • 5 tears were rolling down her cheeks
    flow, run, course, stream, pour, spill, trickle
  • 6 mist rolled here and there in thick white clouds
    billow, undulate, rise and fall, toss, tumble
    literary welter
  • 7 he rolled his handkerchief into a ball
    wind, coil, furl, fold, curl;
  • 8 roll out the pastry on a floured surface
    flatten, level, smooth;
  • 9 they were rolling about with laughter
  • 10 the ship began to roll
    lurch, toss, rock, pitch, plunge, sway, reel, list, keel, wallow, labour, make heavy weather
  • 11 the sky had darkened and thunder rolled in the west
  • Frases

    roll in
  • 1 since the appeal, money has been rolling in
    informal arrive by the truckload
  • 2 he rolled in about 9.00
    [Antónimos] leave
  • informal
    rolling in it
    [Antónimos] penniless
    informal in the money, loaded, stinking rich, filthy rich, well heeled, flush, made of money, quids in, worth a packet, worth a bundle, on easy street
    informal, dated oofy
    roll something out
  • 1 she rolled out her towel
    [Antónimos] roll up
  • 2 the Union is to roll out a series of courses for mid-career journalists
    launch, introduce, organize, start, begin, embark on, usher in, initiate, put in place, instigate, institute, inaugurate, set up, bring out, open, get under way, set in motion, get going;
    establish, found, originate, create, pioneer, lay the foundations of, lay the first stone of, bring into being, activate, mastermind, float, debut;
    informal kick off
    formal commence
  • roll something up
    she rolled up her pyjamas
    [Antónimos] unroll, roll out
    roll up
    informal at that moment, the police rolled up
    [Antónimos] leave
    informal show up, pitch up, fetch up, roll in, blow in


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  • 1 a roll of wrapping paper
  • 2 a roll of film
  • 3 a thick roll of notes
    wad, bundle
  • 4 a roll of the dice
    throw, toss;
  • 5 the roll of the ship
  • 6 the parish has just 100 people on its electoral roll
    list, register, listing, directory, record, file, index, catalogue, inventory;
  • 7 a roll of thunder a roll of drums
    rumble, reverberation, echo, boom, thunder, thunderclap, clap, crack, roar, grumble;
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