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  • 4 my horse ran second to Suave Dancer in this race last year
    finish, come in, come
  • 5 a shiver ran down my spine the ball ran towards the green
    go, pass, move, travel; roll, coast
  • 6 Grant ran his eye down the column of figures
    cast, pass, skim, flick, slide
  • 7 a narrow, twisting road which runs the length of the Duddon valley
    extend, stretch, reach, range, continue, go
  • 9 the walls were running with condensation
    stream with, drip with, be covered with, be wet with; be flooded by
  • 10 my nose was running
    stream, drip, exude/secrete/ooze liquid
  • 11 a courtesy bus runs to Sorrento three times a day
    travel, ply, shuttle, go, make a regular journey
  • 14 he could no longer afford to run a car
    maintain, keep, own, possess, have, drive
  • 17 the lease runs for twenty years
    be valid, last, be in effect, operate, be in operation, be operative, be current, continue, be effective, have force, have effect
  • 18 the show ran in the West End for two years
    be staged, be presented, be performed, be on, be put on, be produced; be mounted; be screened; last
  • 19 he first ran for president in 1984
    stand for, stand for election as, stand as a candidate for, be a contender for, put oneself forward for, put oneself up for
  • 20 the Guardian ran the story on Friday
    publish, print, feature, carry, put out, release, issue
  • 22 they were run out of town
    chase, drive, hunt, hound, put to flight


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  • 1 his early morning run along the Embankment
    sprint, race, dash, gallop, rush, spurt; jog, trot
  • 6 Margaret gave them the run of her home
    unrestricted/free use of, unrestricted access to; a free hand in, a free rein in
  • 11 she had a run in her nylons
    ladder, rip, tear, snag, hole


run across

we ran across David when we were playing in LA meet (by chance)come acrossrun intochance onstumble on/acrosshappen on informalbump into archaicrun against

run after

informal ever since his school days, girls have been running after him pursuechasemake romantic advances toflirt with informalmake up tomake eyes atgive the come-on tocome on tobe all overNorth American informalvamp datedset one's cap at

run along

informal run along now, can't you see I'm busy? go awaybe off with youshooon your waymake yourself scarce informalscrambuzz offskedaddlescatbeat itget lostshove offclear offBritish informalhop itSouth African informalhambavoetsak literarybegoneavaunt

run away

  • 2 the administration has tried to run away from its responsibilities
    evade, dodge, get out of, shirk; avoid, disregard, ignore, take no notice of, pay no attention to, turn one's back on
    informal shut one's eyes to, duck, cop out of
    the administration has tried to run away from its responsibilities
    [Antónimos] face up to deal with
  • 3 Doyle ran away with another man's wife
    run off with, elope with
  • 4 Mario Andretti ran away with the championship
    win easily, win hands down
    informal win by a mile, walk it, romp home

run down

he was dismayed to discover how much the farm had run down
[Antónimos] recover improve
declinedegeneratego downhillbecome dilapidatedgo to seedfall into decaydecaygo to rack and ruin informalgo to potgo to the dogs

run someone/something down

  • 1 the boy was run down by joyriders
    run over, knock down, knock over, knock to the ground; hit, strike

run something down

  • 2 employers should run down their labour forces gradually
    reduce, cut back on, cut, downsize, decrease, pare down, trim; phase out, wind down, wind up
    employers should run down their labour forces gradually
    [Antónimos] increase

run for it

fleemake a run for itrun awayrun offtake flightmake offtake offtake to one's heelsmake a break for itboltbeat a (hasty) retreatmake a quick exitmake one's getawayescapehead for the hillstake oneself offdecampabsconddo a disappearing act informalbeat itclear offclear outvamooseskedaddlesplitcut and runleg itshow a clean pair of heelsscramhook itfly the coopdo a fadeBritish informaldo a runnerscarperdo a bunkNorth American informallight outbug outcut outpeel outtake a powderskidoo

run high

patriotic fervour was running high be strongbe vehementbe ferventbe passionatebe intense

run in

he has a history of heart disease, which runs in the family be common inbe frequently found inbe inherent in

run someone in

informal arresttake into custodyapprehenddetaintake intake prisonerput in jailthrow in jail informalpick uppull inhaul inpinchbustnabnaildocollarfeel someone's collarBritish informalnick

run into

  • 4 Peter had been left with debts running into six figures
    reach, extend to, be as high/much as

run low

food supplies were running low
[Antónimos] be plentiful
dwindlediminishbecome depletedget lessbe used upbecome exhaustedbe shortbe in short supplybe tight

run off

  • 2 informal his wife ran off with one of the doctors
    run away with, elope with, go off with

run something off

run on

run out

  • 1 food supplies were running out
    be used up, dry up, be exhausted, be finished, give out, peter out, fail; exhaust
    food supplies were running out
    [Antónimos] be plentiful
  • 2 they've run out of cash
    have none left, have no more of, be out of; use up, exhaust one's supply of, consume, eat up; sell out of
    informal be fresh out of, be cleaned out of
  • 3 her contract was due to run out
    expire, come to an end, end, terminate, finish; lapse, be no longer valid

run out on someone

informal desertabandonleave in the lurchjiltleave high and drydiscardcast asidethrow overturn one's back on informalwalk out ondumpditchleave someone holding the babyleave flat archaicforsake

run over

run someone/something over

run downknock downknock overknock to the groundhitstrike

run something over

he quickly ran over the story recapitulaterepeatrun throughgo overgo throughreiteratereviewlook throughlook overread through informalrecap

run rings around someone

in a demonstration of classy centre-forward play he ran rings round the opposition surpassoutshineoutclassovershadoweclipseexceedexceltranscendcaptopoutstripoutdoput to shamemake look pale by comparisonput in the shadebe better thanbeatoutplayoutperformupstagedwarf informalbe head and shoulders abovebe a cut aboveleave standing archaicoutrivaloutvie

run the show

informal be in chargebe in controlbe the bossbe at the helmbe in the driving seatbe in the driver's seatbe at the wheelbe in the saddlepull the stringsbe responsible informalcall the shots

run through

  • 4 okay, let's run through scene three again
    rehearse, practise, go through, go over, repeat, do again; recapitulate; North American run down
    informal recap

run someone through

Campbell threatened to run him through with his sword stabpiercetransfiximpale

run to

  • 3 he was running to fat
    tend to, show a tendency to; become, get, grow

run up

his loose way of living ran up such big debts that he had to get out of town accumulateaccrueamasscollectgatherstockpileheap uprack upbuild upscrape togetherhoardlay in/upgarnerBritishtot up


in the long run

eventuallyin the endultimatelywhen all is said and donein the final analysisin the fullness of timeBritish informalat the end of the day

on the run

the runs

informal See diarrhoea

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-drome place for running or racing

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