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  • 1 she felt her stomach flutter as he said her name
  • 2 ‘I must go,’ she said
    declare, state, announce; remark, observe, mention, comment, note, add; reply, respond, answer, rejoin; whisper, mutter, mumble, mouth
    informal come out with
  • 3 Newall says he's innocent
    claim, maintain, assert, hold, insist, contend, aver, affirm, avow; allege, profess
    formal opine
  • 4 I can't conjure up the words to say how I feel what are you trying to say, Inspector?
    express, put into words, phrase, articulate, communicate, make known, get across, put across, convey, verbalize, render, tell; reveal, divulge, impart, disclose; imply, suggest, signify, denote, mean
  • 5 they sang hymns and said a prayer
    recite, repeat, utter, deliver, perform, declaim, orate
  • 6 the lighted dial of her watch said one twenty
    indicate, show, read
  • 7 I'd say about 90 per cent of my stories are off the top of my head
    estimate, judge, guess, hazard a guess, dare say, predict, speculate, surmise, conjecture, venture; imagine, think, believe
    informal reckon
  • 8 let's say you'd just won a million pounds
    suppose, assume, imagine, presume, take as a hypothesis, hypothesize, postulate, posit
  • 9 she determined to find something to say in his favour
    adduce, propose, advance, bring forward, offer, plead
  • Frases

    be said

    it is said that she lived to be over a hundred his widow was said to be inconsolablebe reportedbe thoughtbe believedbe allegedbe rumouredbe reputedbe put aboutbe describedbe assertedapparentlyseeminglyit seems thatit appears that(so) they say(so) the story goesby all accountsrumour has itthe rumour is

    that is to say

    people emigrated for economic reasons—that is to say, because they were poorin other wordsto put it another wayto rephrase iti.e.that isto witviz.namelysc.Latinid estscilicetvidelicet

    to say the least

    his performance was disappointing to say the leastto put it mildlyputting it mildlywithout any exaggerationat the very leastas an understatement


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  • 1 Miss Honey was determined to have her say
    right/chance/turn to speak, right/chance/turn to express one's opinion, vote, opinion, view, voice
    informal one's twopence worth, one's twopenn'orth
  • 2 don't I have any say in the matter?
    influence, sway, weight, authority, voice, input, share, part
    informal clout
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    not showing a serious or respectful attitude