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  • 1 fit the shelf to its supports with the screws provided
  • 2 the handle needs a couple of screws to tighten it
    turn, twist, wrench, lever, heave
  • 3 the ship's twin screws
  • Frases

    put the screws on

    informal pressurizeput pressure onuse pressure onpressurepressbring force to bear onforcedriveimpelcoerceurgepushnaglean onprevail ondragoonsteamrollerbrowbeatuse strong-arm tactics onhave someone do somethinghold/put a gun/pistol to someone's head informalput the heat onput the squeeze ontwist someone's armrailroadbulldoze

    with a screw loose

    it really needs to be a person with a screw loose to commit violenceunstableunbalancedof unsound mindmentally illderangeddementedcrazedtroubleddisturbedunhingedinsanemadmad as a hattermad as a March hareraving madout of one's mindnot in one's right mindneuroticpsychoticLatinnon compos mentis informalcrazyloopyloonymixed upnutsnuttynutty as a fruitcakebananascrackedcrackpotdaftdippyscrewybattydottycuckoobonkerspottymentalscrewed upnot all thereoff one's headout of one's headout to luncha bit lackinground the bendround the twistaway with the fairiesBritish informalbarmycrackersbarkingbarking madoff one's trolleyoff one's rockerdaft as a brushnot the full shillingNorth American informalnutsynutsosquirrellywackobuggy datedtouched


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  • 1 he screwed the lid back on the jar
    tighten, turn, twist, wind, work
  • 2 I screwed the boards down tightly
    fasten, secure, fix, attach, clamp, bolt, rivet, batten
  • 3 she intended to screw money out of them
    extort, force, extract, wrest, wring, squeeze
    informal bleed someone of something
  • 4 informal they screwed him at least once, so now he doesn't trust them at all
    cheat, swindle, defraud, gazump, fleece; overcharge, short-change
    informal rip off, bilk, diddle, do, sting, soak, rob, clip, gyp, skin
    North American informal stiff, gouge
    British informal , dated rush
    archaic cozen
    rare mulct
  • Frases

    screw something up

  • 1 Christina screwed up her face in disgust
    wrinkle (up), pucker, crumple, crease, furrow, contort, distort, twist, purse
  • 2 informal they'll screw up the whole economy
    wreck, ruin, destroy, devastate, wreak havoc on, reduce to nothing, damage, spoil, mar, injure, blast, blight, smash, shatter, dash, torpedo, scotch, make a mess of, mess up
    informal louse up, foul up, put the kibosh on, banjax, do for, blow a hole in, nix, queer
    British informal scupper, cock up, dish
    Australian informal euchre, cruel
    vulgar slang fuck up
    [Antónimos] sort out
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