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  • 2 they saw a television programme on Hong Kong
    watch, look at, view, observe, catch
  • 3 would you like to see over the house?
    inspect, view, see round, look around/round, look through, have a look around/round, have a tour of, go on a tour of, tour, survey, scrutinize
    informal give something a/the once-over
  • 6 let me see
    think, consider, contemplate, reflect, deliberate, have a think, meditate, muse, ponder, cogitate, brood, agonize; give it some thought, mull it over, chew it over, puzzle over it, turn it over in one's mind, revolve it in one's mind
    rare cerebrate
  • 7 he checked to see that all of his desk drawers were locked see that you do it now
    make sure, make certain, see to it, check, verify, take care, mind, satisfy oneself, ensure; remember to, be/make sure to, not forget to
  • 10 they see each other from time to time
    meet (by arrangement), meet up with, get together with, have a meeting, have meetings, meet socially, make a date with
  • 12 the doctor will see you now
    interview, give an interview to, give a consultation to, give an audience to, give a hearing to, receive, talk to; examine, treat
  • 13 he's seeing someone else now
    go out with, be dating, take out, be someone's boyfriend/girlfriend, keep company with, go with, be with, court, have a fling with, have an affair with, dally with
    informal go steady with
    British informal , • dated walk out with
    North American informal , • dated step out with


see about

I'll go and see about fixing a meal arrangemake arrangements forsee todeal withtake care oflook afterattend tosort outorganizebe responsible fortake responsibility forbe in charge ofdirect

see the light

even the Vatican has seen the light and is using the technology to manage its library understandcomprehendrealizefind outsee daylightwork out what's going onget the point informalcotton oncatch ontumblelatch onget the pictureget the messageget the driftget itget wisesee what's whatsavvyBritish informaltwig

see through

I can see right through your little plot I saw through you from the start
[Antónimos] be hoodwinked by
not be deceived bynot be taken in bybe wise toget/have the measure ofread like a bookfathompenetraterealizeunderstand informalnot fall forhave someone's numberknow someone's (little) game

see someone through

it was Francine's devotion which saw him through
[Antónimos] let someone down
sustainencouragebuoy upcheer alongkeep goingkeep someone's head above watertide oversupportgive strength tobe a source of strength tobe a tower of strength tocomforthelp (out)assist

see something through

I want to see the job through
[Antónimos] give up (on)
bring to completioncontinue to the endbring to a finishpersevere withpersist withcontinue (with)carry on withgo on withkeep atkeep on withkeep going withkeep upnot give up withfollow throughpress on/ahead withplod on throughplough on throughstay withnot take no for an answer informalplug away atpeg away atstick atsoldier on withstick something outstick to one's gunshang in there

see to

I'll go and see to the sitting-room fire attend todeal withsee abouttake care oflook aftersort outfix upget togetherorganizearrangebe responsible forbe in charge ofdirectrunmanageconductadministeradministrate

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scopophobia fear of being seen

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