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Sinónimos de stage en inglés:


  • 1 a stage in the development
    phase, period, juncture, step, point, time, moment, instant, division, level
  • 2 the last stage of a race/journey
    part, section, portion, stretch, phase;
    leg, lap, circuit
  • 3 stand on a stage in the theatre
    platform, dais, stand, grandstand, staging, apron, rostrum, podium, soapbox, stump;
    pulpit, box, dock;
    Indian  mandapam
    rare tribune
  • 4 (the stage) she has written for the stage, television, and film
    (the) theatre, drama, dramatics, dramatic art, show business, the play, the footlights
    informal the boards, rep
  • 5 Britain is playing a leading role on the international stage
    scene, setting;
    context, frame, sphere, field, realm, forum, site, arena, background, backdrop;
  • verbo

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  • 1 they recently staged ‘The Magic Flute’ in a car factory
    put on, put before the public, present, produce, mount, direct;
    perform, act, render, give
  • 2 the Residents' Association staged a protest march
    organize, arrange, make arrangements for, coordinate, lay on, put together, fix up, get together;
    orchestrate, choreograph, be responsible for, be in charge of, direct, run, manage, stage-manage, conduct, administrate, administer, set up, mastermind, engineer
    rare concert
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