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Sinónimos de stand en inglés:


  • 1 Lionel stood in the doorway
    be on one's feet, be upright, be erect, be vertical
    [Antónimos] sit, lie
  • 2 the two men stood up and shook hands
    rise, rise to one's feet, get to one's feet, get up, straighten up, pick oneself up, find one's feet, be upstanding
    literary arise
    [Antónimos] sit down, lie down
  • 3 a village once stood there
    be, be situated, be located, be positioned, be set, be found, be sited, be established, be perched, sit, perch, nestle
  • 4 he stood the book on edge
    put, set, set up, erect, upend, place, position, locate, situate, prop, lean, plant, stick, install, arrange, dispose, deposit
    informal plonk, park
  • 5 my decision stands
    remain in force, remain valid, remain effective, remain operative, remain in operation, hold, hold good, obtain, apply, prevail, reign, rule, hold sway, be the case, exist, be in use
  • 6 his heart could not stand the strain
    withstand, endure, bear, put up with, take, cope with, handle, sustain, resist, stand up to
  • 7 informal I can't stand brandy
  • Frases

    stand by
    two battalions were on their way, and a third was standing by
    [Antónimos] stand down
    wait, be prepared, be in (a state of) readiness, be ready for action, be on full alert, be at battle stations, wait in the wings
    stand by someone/something
  • 1 she had stood by him during his years in prison
    remain/be loyal to, stand up for, support, give one's support to, be supportive of, back, back up, give one's backing to, uphold, defend, come to the defence of, stick up for, champion, take someone's part, take the side of, side with
    [Antónimos] abandon
  • 2 the government must stand by its pledges
    abide by, keep (to), adhere to, hold to, stick to, observe, heed, comply with, act in accordance with
    [Antónimos] go back on
  • stand down
    no further action was required and all units stood down
    [Antónimos] stand by
    relax, stand easy, come off full alert
    stand for
  • 1 BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation
    mean, be an abbreviation of, represent, signify, denote, indicate, correspond to, be equivalent to, symbolize
    literary betoken
  • 2 informal I won't stand for any nonsense
  • 3 we stand for animal welfare
    [Antónimos] oppose
  • stand in
    I'll stand in as coach Brown stood in for the injured Simpson
    deputize, act, act as deputy, substitute, act as substitute, act as stand-in, fill in, sit in, do duty, take over, act as understudy, act as locum, do a locum, be a proxy, cover, provide cover, hold the fort, step into the breach;
    take the place of, do something in someone's place/stead, replace, relieve, take over from, understudy
    North American  pinch-hit
    stand out
  • 1 the veins in his neck stood out
    [Antónimos] lie flat
  • 2 in that dress she stood out in the crowd
    be noticeable, be noticed, be visible, be seen, be obvious, be conspicuous, stick out, be striking, be distinctive, be prominent, attract attention, catch the eye, leap out, show up
    [Antónimos] be inconspicuous
  • stand up
    he has no proof that would stand up in court
    [Antónimos] fall down
    remain/be valid, be sound, be plausible, hold water, hold up, stand questioning, survive investigation, bear examination, be verifiable, be provable, ring true, be convincing
    stand someone up
    she threw eggs over his car after he stood her up
    fail to keep a date with, fail to meet, fail to keep an appointment with, fail to turn up for, jilt, let down
    stand up for someone/something
    we should stand up for our great tradition of parliamentary democracy
    [Antónimos] abandon
    remain/be loyal to, stand by, support, give one's support to, be supportive of, back, back up, give one's backing to, uphold, defend, come to the defence of, stick up for, champion, take someone's part, take the side of, side with
    stand up to someone/something
  • 1 she had the courage of her convictions and stood up to her parents
    defy, confront, challenge, oppose openly, resist, show resistance to, brave, take on, put up a fight against, take a stand against
    [Antónimos] give in to
  • 2 the old house has stood up to the war
    [Antónimos] succumb to
  • sustantivo

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  • 1 I applaud him for his tough stand on human rights
  • 2 he maintained his stand against tyranny
    opposition to, resistance to, objection to, defensive position against, hostility to, animosity towards, disapproval of
  • 3 a large mirror on a stand
    base, support, mounting, platform, rest, plinth, bottom;
    tripod, rack, trivet, bracket, frame, case, shelf, gripper
  • 4 a beer stand
    stall, booth, kiosk
  • 5 a taxi stand
    rank, station, park, parking place, place, bay
  • 6 the train drew to a stand by the signal box
    stop, halt, standstill, dead stop
  • 7 a stand of trees
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