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Sinónimos de step en inglés:


  • 1 Frank took another step forward
  • 2 she heard Ellis's step on the stairs
  • 3 she left the room with a springy step
    gait, walk, way of walking, tread, bearing, carriage
  • 4 the market is only a step from the end of the pier
    short distance, stone's throw, spitting distance
    informal {a hop, skip, and a jump}
  • 5 Susan sat on the top step Maureen ran down the steps
    stair, tread, tread board;
    (stepsstairs, staircase, stairway;
    North American  stoop
  • 6 there was a pint of milk on the step
  • 7 the steps of a ladder
    rung, tread
  • 8 calling in the bailiffs is a very serious step
    course of action, measure, move, act, action, procedure, proceeding, initiative;
    manoeuvre, tactic, strategy, stratagem, operation;
    French démarche
  • 9 a significant step towards a ceasefire
    advance, progression, development, step in the right direction, step forward, move, movement;
  • 10 the first step on the managerial ladder
    stage, level, grade, rank, degree;
  • Frases

    in step
    he is utterly in step with mainstream American thinking
    [Antónimos] out of step
    in accord, in harmony, in agreement, in tune, in line, in keeping, in conformity, in accordance, in consensus, in consilience
    mind/watch one's step
    be careful, take care, step carefully/cautiously, walk carefully/cautiously, tread carefully/cautiously, exercise care/caution, mind how one goes, look out, watch out, watch oneself, be wary, be circumspect, be chary, take heed, be attentive, be on one's guard, have/keep one's wits about one, be on the qui vive
    out of step
    the paper was often out of step with public opinion
    [Antónimos] in step
    at odds, at variance, in disagreement, out of tune, out of line, not in keeping, out of harmony, at loggerheads, in opposition, at outs
    step by step
    take steps
    the government must take steps to discourage age discrimination
    take action, take measures, act, take the initiative, move


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  • 1 she stepped off the gangway
    walk, move, tread, pace, stride
  • 2 the bull had stepped on his hat
    tread, stamp, trample, tramp;
    squash, crush, flatten
  • Frases

    step down
    [Antónimos] take up office
    resign, stand down, give up one's post/job, bow out;
    retire, abdicate
    informal quit, call it a day
    step in
    intervene, intercede, become/get involved, act, take action, take measures, take a hand;
    mediate, arbitrate, intermediate
    step on it
    hurry up, get a move on, speed up, go faster, be quick
    informal get cracking, get moving, step on the gas, rattle one's dags
    North American informal get a wiggle on
    South African informal put foot
    dated make haste
    step something up
  • 1 the army stepped up its offensive in the north
    increase, intensify, strengthen, augment, escalate, scale up, boost
    informal up, crank up
  • 2 I stepped up my pace
    speed up, increase, accelerate, quicken, hasten
    [Antónimos] decrease
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