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Sinónimos de stiff en inglés:


  • 1 a sheet of stiff black cardboard
    rigid, hard, firm, hardened, inelastic, non-flexible, inflexible, ungiving
    rare impliable, unmalleable
    [Antónimos] flexible, plastic, limp
  • 2 mix to a stiff paste
    firm, compact, dense
    rare viscoid
    [Antónimos] runny
  • 3 her muscles were stiff his stiff legs
    aching, achy, painful;
    taut, tight
    informal creaky, rheumaticky, rusty
    archaic stark
    [Antónimos] supple, limber
  • 4 she greeted him with stiff politeness
    formal, reserved, unfriendly, chilly, cold, frigid, icy, austere, unrelaxed, brittle, stand-offish, wooden, forced, constrained, strained, stilted;
    prim, punctilious, stuffy
    informal starchy, uptight
    [Antónimos] relaxed, informal
  • 5 they face stiff fines and a possible jail sentence
    harsh, severe, hard, punitive, punishing, stringent, swingeing, crippling, rigorous, drastic, strong, heavy, draconian
    [Antónimos] lenient, mild
  • 6 the army had put up a stiff resistance
    vigorous, determined, full of determination, strong, spirited, resolute, tenacious, steely, four-square, unflagging, unyielding, dogged, stubborn, obdurate;
    North American  rock-ribbed
    [Antónimos] half-hearted
  • 7 a long, stiff climb up the bare hillside
    [Antónimos] easy
  • 8 a stiff breeze
    strong, vigorous, powerful, brisk, fresh, gusty;
    [Antónimos] gentle
  • 9 you need a stiff drink
    [Antónimos] weak
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