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  • 1 the rebel Duke had suffered five strokes of the axe
    blow, hit, thump, thwack, punch, slap, smack, welt, cuff, box, knock, rap, buffet
    informal wallop, clobber, clout, whack, bash, belt, sock, bop, biff, swipe, slug
    archaic smite
  • 2 Anwar was playing cricket strokes
    shot, hit, strike
  • 3 Mick swam a couple of strokes
    movement, action, motion, move
  • 4 it was a stroke of genius by the Prime Minister
    feat, accomplishment, achievement, attainment, coup, master stroke, stratagem
  • 5 the flat pencil can be used for broad strokes
    mark, line, slash, solidus, virgule
  • 6 the budget was full of bold strokes
    detail, touch, bit, point, item
  • 7 I counted the strokes of the church clock
    peal, ring, knell, striking, ding-dong, boom
  • 8 he had recently suffered a small stroke
    thrombosis, embolism, cerebral vascular accident, CVA, cerebral haemorrhage, ictus, seizure
    archaic apoplexy
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  • she reached out and stroked the cat
    caress, fondle, pat, pet, touch, brush, rub, massage, knead, soothe; manipulate, finger, handle, feel, maul, tickle
    informal paw
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