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Sinónimos de stroke en inglés:


  • 1 the rebel Duke had suffered five strokes of the axe
    informal wallop, clobber, clout, whack, bash, belt, sock, bop, biff, swipe, slug
    archaic smite
  • 2 Anwar was playing cricket strokes
    shot, hit, strike
  • 3 Mick swam a couple of strokes
    movement, action, motion, move
  • 4 it was a stroke of genius by the Prime Minister
    feat, accomplishment, achievement, attainment, coup, master stroke, stratagem
  • 5 the flat pencil can be used for broad strokes
    mark, line, slash, solidus, virgule
  • 6 the budget was full of bold strokes
    detail, touch, bit, point, item
  • 7 I counted the strokes of the church clock
    peal, ring, knell, striking, ding-dong, boom
  • 8 he had recently suffered a small stroke
    thrombosis, embolism, cerebral vascular accident, CVA, cerebral haemorrhage, ictus, seizure
    archaic apoplexy
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  • she reached out and stroked the cat
    caress, fondle, pat, pet, touch, brush, rub, massage, knead, soothe;
    manipulate, finger, handle, feel, maul, tickle
    informal paw
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