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Sinónimos de subject en inglés:


  • 1 the structure of the economy is the subject of this chapter
  • 2 there were cuts in funding for popular university subjects
    branch of knowledge, branch of study, course of study, course, discipline, field, area, specialism, speciality, specialty
  • 3 six subjects did trials of the short-term memory tasks
    participant, volunteer;
    informal guinea pig
  • 4 Australians were simultaneously citizens and British subjects until 1984
  • 5 Santerre is a loyal subject of the king
    liege, liegeman, vassal, subordinate, underling;
    henchman, retainer, follower
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  • stress on the second syllable they have been subjected to physical violence
  • adjetivo

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    subject to
  • 1 the position is subject to budgetary approval
    conditional on, contingent on, dependent on, depending on, controlled by;
  • 2 horses are subject to a cough resembling the human common cold
    susceptible to, liable to, prone to, vulnerable to, predisposed to, disposed to, apt/likely to suffer from, easily affected by, in danger of, at risk of, open to, wide open to
    rare susceptive of
    [Antónimos] resistant
  • 3 most people were subject to authority for a large part of their lives
  • Escoger la palabra correcta

    subject, topic, theme
    Subject is the most general term for something that is or could be written, talked, or thought about ( his mind was no longer on the subject of politics | please send questions on any subjects you would like discussed). A subject also means a branch of knowledge studied at school, college, or university ( sixth-form classes in less popular A-level subjects).When distinguished from subject, topic can refer to a smaller and more specific area for discussion ( from this very complex subject, two topics concerning government grants have been selected for discussion in this section). It is also the most common word for something discussed in speech ( her sole topic of conversation nowadays was the baby).A theme is typically associated with a relatively long work or discussion and tends to be an underlying idea, recurring throughout it and unifying it ( she deals delicately with the themes of love and jealousy). A theme is generally developed or elaborated rather than discussed or debated.
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