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Sinónimos de sum en inglés:


  • 1 a large sum of money
    amount, quantity, volume
  • 2 he handed over a smaller sum to creditors
    amount of money, price, charge, fee, cost, tariff
  • 3 the sum of two prime numbers
    total, sum total, grand total, tally, aggregate, summation, gross;
    [Antónimos] difference
  • 4 a belief in making your own way through life seems to be the sum of his wisdom
    entirety, totality, total, whole, aggregate, summation, beginning and end, alpha and omega, be-all and end-all
    informal whole shebang, whole caboodle, whole shooting match, {lock, stock, and barrel}
  • 5 we did sums at school today
    arithmetical problem, problem, calculation, reckoning, tally, question;
    (sums) arithmetic, mathematics, figures, numbers, computation
    British informal maths
    North American informal math
  • Frases

    in sum
    decentralization, in sum, has profound implications for power relations
    in short, briefly, in brief, to put it briefly, to cut a long story short, in a word, to sum up, in a nutshell, to come to the point, in essence, in outline


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    sum up
    he was summing up on day two of a historic test case
    summarize the evidence, review the evidence, give a summing-up, summarize the argument
    sum someone/something up
  • 1 one reviewer summed it up as ‘the most compelling performance recorded in the past few years’
    evaluate, assess, appraise, value, rate, weigh up, gauge, judge, deem, adjudge, estimate, form an opinion of, form an impression of, make one's mind up about, get the measure of, form a judgement of, make something of
    informal size up
  • 2 in a subsequent article he sums up the reasons for deindustrialization
    summarize, make/give a summary of, precis, give an abstract of, encapsulate, outline, give an outline of, recap, recapitulate, review, put in a nutshell, condense, abridge, digest, synopsize, compress, give the gist
    [Antónimos] elaborate
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