Sinónimos de system en inglés:



  • 1 the legal system a system of canals
    structure, organization, order, arrangement, complex, apparatus, network;
    administration, institution
    informal set-up
  • 2 a system for regulating medical products
    method, methodology, technique, process, procedure, approach, practice, line, line of action, line of attack, attack, means, way, manner, mode, framework, modus operandi;
    scheme, plan, policy, programme, regimen, set of principles, set of procedures, set of guidelines, formula, routine, tactic, tack
  • 3 there was no system at all in the company
    methodicalness, orderliness, systematization, planning, logic, routine
  • 4 (the system) how do you give youngsters who have already been victimized faith in the system?
    the establishment, the authorities, the powers that be, the ruling class, the regime, bureaucracy, officialdom;
    the status quo, the prevailing political/social order
    archaic the regimen
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