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Sinónimos de tag en inglés:


  • 1 a price tag
    label, ticket, badge, mark, marker, tab, tally, sticker, docket, stub, chit, chitty, counterfoil, flag, stamp
  • 2 his jacket was hung up by its tag
    tab, flap, loop, lappet, label;
    strap, handle
  • 3 he has vowed to throw off his ‘bad boy’ tag
    designation, denomination, label, description, characterization, identification, identity;
    informal handle, moniker
    formal appellation, cognomen
  • 4 his writing is full of tags from the Bible and Shakespeare
    quotation, stock phrase, platitude, cliché, epithet, quote, extract, excerpt, passage, allusion, phrase;
    saying, proverb, maxim, axiom, adage, saw, aphorism, motto, epigram, epigraph, dictum, formula, truism, slogan, catchphrase
    informal, dated gobbet
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  • 1 the bottles were tagged with colour-coded labels
    label, attach tags to, put a label on, mark, ticket, earmark, identify, docket, flag, indicate
  • 2 he became tagged as a ‘thinking’ actor
  • 3 their heads were so large that the rest of their bodies seemed tagged on as an afterthought
  • 4 her little boy was tagging along behind her
    follow, trail;
    come after, go after, tread on the heels of, shadow, dog;
    go with, accompany, attend, escort
    informal tail
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