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Sinónimos de talk en inglés:


  • 1 I was talking to a friend who lives in the next town
    speak, give voice, chat;
    informal yak, gab, jaw, go on, chew the fat
    British informal natter, rabbit, witter, chunter
    North American informal rap, run off at the mouth
    Australian/New Zealand informal mag
  • 2 you're talking rubbish
  • 3 the music was quieter in here, and they were able to talk
    converse, communicate, speak to each other, discuss things, have a talk, have a chat, have a tête-à-tête, confer, consult each other;
    negotiate, have negotiations, parley, palaver
    informal have a confab, chew the fat/rag, jaw, rap
    formal confabulate
  • 4 for all the love that he felt for her, and she him, they had never talked of marriage
    mention, make mention of, refer to, make reference to, speak about, discuss
  • 5 I was able to talk English
    speak, speak in, talk in, communicate in, converse in, express oneself in, discourse in, use
  • 6 nothing would make her talk
    confess, speak out, speak up, reveal all, inform, tell tales, tell, divulge information, tell the facts, give the game away, open one's mouth
  • 7 we mustn't keep meeting like this—people will talk
    gossip, spread rumours, pass comment, make remarks, criticize
  • Frases

    talk back
    he was always talking back to Dad
    answer back, answer defiantly, be impertinent, answer impertinently, be cheeky, be rude, contradict, argue with, disagree with
    talk big
    informal Henry was new to the job but he was already talking big
    brag, boast, crow, bluster, exaggerate
    Australian/New Zealand informal skite, big-note oneself
    talk something down
  • 1 people constantly talk down the coal industry
    denigrate, depreciate, deprecate, disparage, belittle, diminish, criticize
    informal knock, pan, put down
  • 2 the last Lancaster bomber was talked down to safety after the raid
    give landing instructions to, bring to land, help to land
  • talk down to
    students on the course were talked down to as though they were children
    condescend to, patronize, treat condescendingly, speak condescendingly to, speak haughtily to, look down one's nose at, look down on, put down, be snobbish to
    talk someone into something
    he talked her into parting with an art collection worth £30,000
    persuade someone to, convince someone to, argue someone into, cajole someone into, coax someone into, bring someone round to, talk someone round to, inveigle someone into, wheedle someone into, sweet-talk someone into, influence someone to, prevail on someone to
    informal hustle, fast-talk
    talk someone out of something
    I quickly talked him out of staying in Britain
    dissuade from, persuade against, discourage from, deter from, stop, put off, advise against, urge against, divert from, argue out of
    talk someone round
    he nearly did give up, and it was only mum who talked him round
    persuade, prevail on, bring round, win over, influence, sway, convert, affect, bias;
    manipulate, bend, mould
    talk something up
    the film is being talked up for the awards season
    promote, push, boost, hype, merchandise, publicize, advertise, give publicity to, give a puff to, puff, puff up, build up, beat/bang the drum for
    informal plug


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  • 1 he was bored with all this talk
  • 2 Polly felt in need of a talk with Vi, the person she turned to in an emergency
    informal confab, jaw, chit-chat, rap, gossip
    Australian informal convo
    formal confabulation
  • 3 (talks) he held peace talks with his United Kingdom counterpart
    conference, summit, meeting, consultation, dialogue, symposium, seminar, conclave, colloquy, palaver, parley;
    bargaining, haggling, wheeling and dealing;
    mediation, arbitration, intercession, conciliation
    informal powwow
    formal confabulation
  • 4 a firefighter giving a talk on her personal experiences
  • 5 there was talk of a takeover
    gossip, rumour, hearsay, tittle-tattle, news, report
  • 6 the talk was of what their grandchildren were up to
    chat, conversation, discussion, gossip;
    subject, theme, topic;
  • 7 baby talk
    speech, language, dialect, jargon, cant, slang, idiom, idiolect, patois, accent;
    informal lingo
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