Sinónimos de tear en inglés:


Pronunciación: rhymes with ‘bear’


  • 1 I tore up the letter
    rip up, rip in two, pull apart, pull to pieces, shred
  • 2 her tights were torn by the rough concrete
    rip, ladder, snag
  • 3 his flesh was torn
    lacerate, cut (open), cut to pieces, cut to ribbons, gash, slash, scratch, claw, mangle, mutilate, hack, pierce, stab; injure, wound
  • 4 the traumas have torn her family apart
    divide, split, split down the middle, sever, break apart, disunite, rupture
    literary rend, rip asunder, cleave
    [Antónimos] unite unify
  • 5 Gina tore the book from his hands
    snatch, grab, seize, rip, wrench, wrest, pull, pluck
    informal yank
  • 6 I was torn by guilt
    torment, torture, rack, harrow, wring, lacerate
    literary rend
  • 7 informal Jack tore down the street
    sprint, race, run, dart, rush, dash, hasten, hurry, scurry, scuttle, scamper, hare, bolt, bound, fly, gallop, career, charge, pound, shoot, hurtle, speed, streak, flash, whizz, zoom, sweep, go like lightning, go hell for leather, go like the wind
    informal pelt, scoot, hotfoot it, leg it, belt, zip, whip, go like a bat out of hell, step on it, get a move on, get cracking, put on some speed, stir one's stumps
    British informal go like the clappers, bomb, bucket
    Scottish informal wheech
    North American informal boogie, hightail it, barrel, get the lead out
    informal , dated cut along
    archaic post, hie
    [Antónimos] stroll amble
  • Frases

    tear something down

    they tore down the old barn
    [Antónimos] build erect
    demolishknock downpull downrazeraze to the groundflattenlevelbulldozetake downdismantledisassemble

    tear into someone

    their tyrannical father tore into all of his sonsattackassailhitstrikelet fly atlay intolash out atset aboutset uponfall onturn onassaultbeatthrashpoundpummelwallophammerpounce onround onpeltdrubrebukereprimandreproachreproveadmonishremonstrate withchastisechideupbraidtake to taskpull upcastigatelambasteread someone the Riot Actgive someone a piece of one's mindgo on athaul over the coalscriticizecensure informallace intosail intopitch intolet someone have itget stuck intopastedo overknock about/aroundrough upBritish informalhave a go at

    tear someone off a strip

    British informal
    we are more at ease tearing our partner off a strip than telling them how much we value themreprimandrebukescoldadmonishreproveupbraidchastisechidecensurecastigatelambasteberatelecturecriticizetake to taskread the Riot Act tohaul over the coals informaltell offgive someone a telling-offdress downgive someone a dressing-downbawl outpitch intolay intolace intoblow up atgive someone a piece of one's mindgive someone an earfulgive someone a roastinggive someone a rocketgive someone a rollickingBritish informalhave a go atcarpetgive someone what forlet someone have itNorth American informalchew outream outBritish vulgar slangbollockgive someone a bollocking


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  • there was a tear in her dress
    rip, hole, split, rent, cut, slash, slit; ladder, run, snag
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    Sinónimos de tear en inglés:


    Pronunciación: rhymes with ‘fear’


  • 1 tears ran down her cheeks
  • Frases

    in tears

    he was so hurt by her attitude he was nearly in tearscryingweepingsobbingwailinghowlingbawlingwhimperingtearfulupsetScottishgreeting informalweepytearyblubbingblubbering

    Palabras de enlace

    lachrymal relating to tears
    lachrymose inducing tears

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