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  • (first) digit, opposable digit
    technical pollex
  • Frases

    all thumbs

    British informal
    [Antónimos] dexterous
    clumsyawkwardmaladroitineptbunglingbumblingincompetentunskilfulheavy-handedungainlyinelegantinexpertgracelessungracefulgaucheunhandyuncoordinatedgawkycloddishclodhopping informalbutterfingeredcack-handedham-fistedham-handedBritish informalall fingers and thumbs

    thumbs down

    informal moves to demolish a historic former engine shed have been given the thumbs down
    [Antónimos] approval welcome thumbs up
    rejectionrefusalvetononegationrebuffdisapprovalturning downturndownnon-acceptancedecliningdismissalspurningcold shouldercold-shoulderingsnubsnubbing informalred lightknock-backkick in the teethsmack in the face/eye

    thumbs up

    informal staff gave our police officers a resounding thumbs up
    [Antónimos] rejection thumbs down
    approvalseal of approvalapprobationendorsementwelcomeencouragementpermissionlibertyauthorizationconsentyesleaveauthoritysanctionratificationlicencedispensationnodassentacquiescenceagreementblessingimprimaturrubber stampclearanceacceptance informalgo-aheadthe OKgreen lightsay-so rarepermit


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  • 1 as soon as she thumbed the button, the door slid open
  • 2 the man thumbed through his notebook
    leaf, flick, flip, skim, browse, glance, look, riffle; read, scan, dip into, run one's eye over, have a look at; peruse
  • 3 (usually thumbed) his dictionaries were thumbed and ink-stained
    make dog-eared, mark, soil, mess up, handle roughly, maul, paw
  • 4 thumb a lift he was thumbing his way across France
    hitch-hike, ask for, request, signal for; get, obtain
    informal hitch, hitch a lift
  • Frases

    thumb one's nose at

    she thumbed her nose at conventional notions of female beautydefygo againstrebel againstfloutfly in the face ofdisobeyrefuse to obeydisregardignoreset one's face againstkick againstbreakviolatecontravenebreachinfringe informalcock a snook at archaicset at naught

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