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Sinónimos de thumb en inglés:


  • (first) digit, opposable digit
    technical pollex
  • Frases

    all thumbs
    British informal
    [Antónimos] dexterous
    informal butterfingered, cack-handed, ham-fisted, ham-handed
    British informal all fingers and thumbs
    thumbs down
    informal moves to demolish a historic former engine shed have been given the thumbs down
    [Antónimos] approval, welcome, thumbs up
    rejection, refusal, veto, no, negation, rebuff, disapproval, turning down, turndown, non-acceptance, declining, dismissal, spurning, cold shoulder, cold-shouldering, snub, snubbing
    informal red light, knock-back, kick in the teeth, smack in the face/eye
    thumbs up
    informal staff gave our police officers a resounding thumbs up
    [Antónimos] rejection, thumbs down
    approval, seal of approval, approbation, endorsement, welcome, encouragement;
    informal go-ahead, the OK, green light, say-so
    rare permit


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  • 1 as soon as she thumbed the button, the door slid open
  • 2 the man thumbed through his notebook
    leaf, flick, flip, skim, browse, glance, look, riffle;
    read, scan, dip into, run one's eye over, have a look at;
  • 3 (usually thumbed) his dictionaries were thumbed and ink-stained
    make dog-eared, mark, soil, mess up, handle roughly, maul, paw
  • 4 thumb a lift he was thumbing his way across France
    get, obtain
    informal hitch, hitch a lift
  • Frases

    thumb one's nose at
    she thumbed her nose at conventional notions of female beauty
    defy, go against, rebel against, flout, fly in the face of, disobey, refuse to obey, disregard, ignore, set one's face against, kick against;
    informal cock a snook at
    archaic set at naught
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