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  • 1 it may seem hard to believe, but I can assure you it's true
    accurate, correct, verifiable, faithful, literal, veracious; in accordance with reality, what actually/really happened, the case, so; unelaborated, unvarnished
    informal as true as I'm sitting/standing here
    [Antónimos] untrue false fallacious
  • 2 people are still willing to pay for true craftsmanship
    genuine, authentic, real, actual, proper, veritable; Latinbona fide
    Australian/New Zealand informal dinkum
    [Antónimos] bogus phoney
  • 3 the true owner of the goods
    [Antónimos] de facto
  • 4 the necessity for true repentance
    sincere, genuine, real, unfeigned, unpretended, unaffected, heartfelt, from the heart
    [Antónimos] insincere feigned
  • 5 she was always a true friend to me
    loyal, faithful, true-hearted, devoted, dedicated, staunch, true-blue, constant, unswerving, unwavering; trustworthy, trusty, reliable, dependable, firm, steady, dutiful, supportive
    [Antónimos] disloyal faithless
  • 6 a true reflection of life in the 50s
    accurate, true to life, faithful, telling it like it is, as it really happened, fact-based, realistic, close, lifelike, convincing; correct, unerring, exact, precise, perfect; on target, on the mark; Frenchvérité
    British informal spot on
    North American informal on the money
    [Antónimos] inaccurate
  • Frases

    true to

    the completed house is remarkably true to the original diagramin keeping withconsistent within harmony within accord within accordance within agreement within line within character withcompatible withcongruent withcommensurate withappropriate tobefittingas befitssuitable forsuited to


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  • 1 I swear I will speak true
    truthfully, honestly, sincerely, candidly, frankly, truly, veraciously
  • 2 the weapon flew true as an arrow
    accurately, unerringly, unswervingly, without deviating
  • Frases

    come true

    seven years later, his dream came truebe fulfilledbe realizedbecome a realityhappenoccurtake place literarycome to pass


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    out of (the) true

    the front wheel is a little out of true and a couple of spokes are bentaskewskewat an anglelopsidedcrookedtiltingtiltedatiltdippingout of lineat a slanton the slantat an anglenot straightslopingslantingslantedslantwiseslantobliqueleaninginclininginclinedangledcamberedcantedScottishsquint

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    true, faithful, loyal, constant

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