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Saltos de línea: Odon|ata
Pronunciación: /ˌəʊdəˈnɑːtə


1An order of predatory insects that comprises the dragonflies and damselflies. They have long, slender bodies, two pairs of membranous wings, large compound eyes, and aquatic larvae.
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  • In contrast to YOY perch, predator-sensitive prey in the diet were dominated by Trichoptera, Odonata, and Coleoptera larvae.
  • Associated fossils include other disarticulated insect remains such as Diptera (true flies) and Odonata (dragonflies).
  • The Odonata appeared for the first time in the Permian.
1.1 (odonata) Insects of the order Odonata; dragonflies and damselflies: Tyndall blue occurs in some odonata
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  • Hence, dominance is synonymous for resource holding potential, a term more commonly used in previous studies on odonata.


modern Latin (plural), formed irregularly from Greek odōn (variant of odous) 'tooth', with reference to the insect's mandibles.

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