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Pronunciación: /əˈnalɪsɪs/

sustantivo (plural analyses /əˈnalɪsiːz/)

1 [mass noun] Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something: statistical analysis [count noun]: an analysis of popular culture
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  • Although this prevented a detailed statistical analysis, the events could still be characterized.
  • A more detailed analysis of the structure and concepts of Jo and Gwan can be found in the next essay, by Salia Male.
  • The task lists resulting from statistical analysis of those surveys were examined to answer the study questions.
1.1The process of separating something into its constituent elements: the procedure is often more accurately described as one of synthesis rather than analysis Often contrasted with synthesis.
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  • The shift to decompositional conceptions of analysis was not without precedents, however.
  • Eventually, data from this program will permit a more direct analysis of the process described here.
  • According to one group of researchers, this process of analysis is carried out in seven steps.
dissection, assay, testing;
breaking down, separation, reduction, decomposition
1.2The identification and measurement of the chemical constituents of a substance or specimen: samples are sent to the laboratory for analysis [count noun]: analyses of the rocks are consistent with a basaltic composition
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  • Electrochemical techniques are also widely used in chemical analysis.
  • Crude chemical analyses identify the rock type as resembling the Earth's ocean floor rather than the Earth's continents.
  • This protein poses interesting questions for those who deal with the detailed analysis of protein structures.
1.3 Mathematics The part of mathematics concerned with the theory of functions and the use of limits, continuity, and the operations of calculus.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • He also made contributions to analytic number theory, Diophantine analysis and numerical functions.
  • Hahn was a pioneer in set theory and functional analysis and is best remembered for the Hahn - Banach theorem.
  • Razmadze wrote the first textbooks in Georgian on analysis and integral calculus.
2 short for psychoanalysis. other schools of analysis have evolved out of the original disciplines established by Freud
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  • This is the same effect as can sometimes happen to us in the course of an analysis or a therapy.
  • Moreover, it is also possible to imagine that a different psychoanalyst would be able to conduct an analysis with this patient.
  • The analyst interprets without due regard for the analysand or the analysand acts without regard for the analyst or the analysis.


in the final (or last) analysis

When everything has been considered (used to suggest that a statement expresses the basic truth about a complex situation): in the final analysis it is a question of political history
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  • For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet.
  • But, in the final analysis, Tartt does much more than present a complex, rich, unique character.
  • Yes, mistakes are made, targets are not achieved, but ultimately the science of hindsight often reveals flaws in the ultimate analysis.


Late 16th century: via medieval Latin from Greek analusis, from analuein 'unloose', from ana- 'up' + luein 'loosen'.

  • paralysis from Old English:

    This is a Latin word, formed from Greek paraluesthai ‘be disabled at the side’, formed from para ‘beside’ and luein ‘loosen’. Paralytic is late Middle English, and comes via French from the same source. The sense ‘extremely drunk’ dates from the late 19th century. Palsy (Middle English) is from Old French paralisie, which was an alteration of Latin paralysis. The Greek luein is also found in analysis (late 16th century) literally a ‘loosening up’.

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catalysis, dialysis, paralysis, psychoanalysis

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