Hay 2 definiciones de archangel en inglés:

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archangel 1

Pronunciación: /ˈɑːkeɪndʒ(ə)l/


1An angel of greater than ordinary rank.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • St Thomas Aquinas had an arrangement of angels - they ranged from angels, archangels and so on up to seraphims.
  • As the most beautiful of God's archangels (a high rank of angels) he became jealous of God's appointed heir and, gathering other angels around him, mounted a challenge.
  • From Fludds illustration of The Three Worlds, in Figure I, the Intellectual World can be seen as ruled over by the angels and archangels.
1.1(In traditional Christian angelology) a being of the eighth-highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • From the highest to the lowest in rank, the orders are seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.
  • There are three types of beings: angels, archangels, and virtues fall into one category, and their nature is inherently good.
  • Saint Michael belongs to the choir of angels called the Archangels, usually listed eighth of the nine choirs.
2 (also yellow archangel) A yellow-flowered Eurasian dead-nettle found in woodland.
  • Lamiastrum galeobdolon (or Galeobdolon luteum), family Labiatae
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • But to Sheffield Hallam University lecturer Ian Rotherham, the variegated yellow archangel is a puzzle to be solved.
  • The conifers are now largely gone, and bluebells, early purple orchids and yellow archangels have returned.
  • Fortunately, yellow archangel is easy to pull out, making control efforts both tolerable and worthwhile.



Pronunciación: /ɑːkanˈdʒɛlɪk/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • One invokes the archangelic names in the name of protection, and these name represent the elements earth, water, air, and fire.
  • If anyone was looking for the transliterations of the archangelic names, they're as follows.
  • Consider an important question or concern that you'd like to offer for archangelic care.


Middle English, from Anglo-Norman French archangele, via ecclesiastical Latin from ecclesiastical Greek arkhangelos, from arkhi- 'chief' + angelos 'messenger, angel'.

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Hay 2 definiciones de archangel en inglés:

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Archangel 2

Pronunciación: /ˈɑːkeɪndʒ(ə)l/
A port of NW Russia, on the White Sea; population 348,700 (est. 2008). It is named after the monastery of the Archangel Michael situated there. Russian name Arkhangelsk.
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