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Saltos de línea: area
Pronunciación: /ˈɛːrɪə


1A region or part of a town, a country, or the world: rural areas of Britain people living in the area are at risk
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  • Macquarie held the view that rural areas should have towns constructed as service centres and places of government.
  • Up to 100,000 people move from towns into rural areas a year, said the minister.
  • Thirty-seven percent of those travelers were heading to small towns or rural areas.
part, section, parish, spot, patch;
tract, stretch, sweep, belt
British informal manor
North American informal turf
1.1 [with modifier] A space allocated for a specific use: the dining area
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  • Outside, the front garden features a large lawn, a tiled patio area and space to park a fleet of cars.
  • It would also include a new corridor, an extended reception area and improved office space.
  • The interconnecting breakfast area has plenty of space for a family-sized table.
section, space, sector, part, portion, footprint
1.2A part of an object or surface: areas of the body
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  • A system of longitudinal energy zones is believed to provide the link between the reflex areas and the body parts.
  • Uranium molecules in the blood can travel to every part of the body, including the areas where sperm and eggs are.
  • Compared to men, women feel pain in more areas of their body and for longer durations.
1.3 (the area) Soccer short for penalty area.
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  • Ronaldo rushes into the area and draws a decent save from Mirzapour with his left foot.
  • Milton teased him with a clever low free-kick from outside the area that swished past the wall and out of reach at the near post.
  • Riggott tripped Alan Mahon on the left side of the area and Dunn sent Oakes the wrong way from the penalty spot.
2The extent or measurement of a surface or piece of land: the area of a triangle [mass noun]: the room is twelve square feet in area
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  • The green is four feet square in area, and cut on the side of a 75-degree slope.
  • By the time the job was done, the bedroom had decreased in area by four square metres.
  • The two areas had a varied degree of protection against poaching despite being of a similar size in area.
expanse, extent, size, scope, compass;
measurements, dimensions, proportions;
square footage, acreage
3A subject or range of activity or interest: the key areas of science
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  • General repairs and maintenance - outside these three key areas - are not subject to the new laws.
  • They share this preoccupation with other disciplines and interdisciplinary subject areas in the humanities.
  • States are rational or instrumental actors, always seeking to maximize their interests in all issue areas.
4 [usually as modifier] A sunken enclosure giving access to the basement of a building: the area steps


mid 16th century (in the sense 'space allocated for a specific purpose'): from Latin, literally 'vacant piece of level ground'.



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  • The areal density estimation method is not a direct headcount, but this is in fact an international standard.
  • This pattern remained consistent through time, although a 14% increase in seagrass areal extent was recorded over the study period.
  • The present-day areal extent of the province is highly asymmetric with most of the outcrop preserved today in the Parana basin, on the South American continent.

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