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Pronunciación: /ˈɔːdɪt


1An official inspection of an organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body: audits can’t be expected to detect every fraud
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  • We have an independent audit and accountants say the Duchy is being run according to all modern accounting practices.
  • The member states were persuaded that an independent audit body was warranted, given the emergence of an EU budget with supranational characteristics.
  • Like many other professions involving large volumes of cash transactions, vets also come under the scrutiny of tax officials in audits.
1.1A systematic review or assessment of something: a complete audit of flora and fauna at the site
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  • Start by completing an audit of the existing lighting systems, assessing both the condition and the performance of all components in the system.
  • The situation will then be reviewed after a safety audit.
  • The last chapter is on clinical audit and learning from systematic case reviews assessed against explicit criteria.

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1Conduct an official financial inspection of (a company or its accounts): unlimited companies must also have their accounts audited
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  • It is illegal for a director to audit his own company's accounts.
  • However, when accounting firms audit businesses that they also serve as consultants, they lose their independence.
  • Any severe, firmwide sanction, such as a one-year ban on auditing public companies, could put an accounting firm out of business.
North American check out
informal give something a/the once-over, give something a going-over
1.1Conduct a systematic review of: a method of auditing obstetric and neonatal care
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  • Management plans are valid for fifteen years though they are reviewed and audited every five years.
  • We've had international institutions audit our systems.
  • She is a security expert who audits computer systems and networks for security vulnerabilities.
2North American Attend (a class) informally, without working for credit: he made use of the knowledge gleaned from economics classes he audited
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  • You may be able to audit classes, attend without receiving any academic credit.
  • While auditing a class taught by Robert Lowell at Boston University, Sylvia met another poet hell-bent on suicide, Anne Sexton.
  • Then for my final grade, the university said I was auditing the class, even though I got an A.


late Middle English: from Latin auditus 'hearing', from audire 'hear', in medieval Latin auditus (compoti) 'audit (of an account)', an audit originally being presented orally.



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  • In the context of maintaining security and also of of maintaining auditability, privacy must be made an absolute priority.
  • Detailed coding and memos written throughout the analysis enhanced auditability, enabling an examination of the ‘decision trail’ used.
  • It seems that paper ballots plus optical readers just might provide the ideal marriage of speed and unimpeachable auditability.


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  • We are now able to build a picture very quickly of the service we are providing, spot any problems, and provide an easily auditable set of performance data for fleets.
  • It is also an auditable process whereby we supply a monthly certificate of compliance and a report.
  • Our complete dataset therefore included individual clinical and general policy making encounters, with an auditable trail of fieldwork notes and thematic analyses.

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