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Pronunciación: /biːm/


1A long, sturdy piece of squared timber or metal used to support the roof or floor of a building: there are very fine oak beams in the oldest part of the house the cottage boasts a wealth of exposed beams
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  • With sturdy metal beams as their building blocks, architects and engineers could erect monumental skyscrapers hundreds of feet in the air.
  • The slab is designed as a continuous plate supported by the floor beams and edge girders.
  • Here, behind the building's exposed beams, Sze stacked scores of small white jewelry boxes into precarious ziggurats.
joist, purlin, girder, spar, support, strut, stay, brace, scantling, batten, transom, lintel, stringer, baulk, board, timber, plank, lath, rafter;
collar beam, tie beam, summer (tree), hammer beam, cantilever
1.1A narrow, raised horizontal piece of squared timber on which a gymnast balances while performing exercises: a compulsory set of exercises on floor, vault, bars, and beam
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  • Good in all exercises, but excels on the asymmetrical bars and the beam.
  • The team was impressive especially on beam where gymnasts after gymnast nailed difficult combinations.
  • I think they were especially successful in the floor exercises, the beam and the vaults.
1.2A horizontal piece of squared timber or metal supporting the deck and joining the sides of a ship: the watertight skin and deck were put on over this framework of ribs and beams
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  • One part of the outer hull is punctured by a support beam from the larger ship.
  • Startled, I jerked my hand away, smacking my head on one of the upper deck's support beams in the process.
  • It is mounted on a support beam under my rear deck.
1.3 Nautical The direction of an object visible from the port or starboard side of a ship when it is perpendicular to the centre line of the vessel: there was land in sight on the port beam
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  • The whales surfaced again about half a mile off the port beam, having dived beneath us, then turned north and headed towards Mazatlan.
  • Just to Doremi's side a seagull was flying, keeping time with the ship as both moved north, with the sun to their starboard beam.
  • A Republican Navy cruiser slid into position off the liner's starboard beam.
1.4A ship’s breadth at its widest point: a cutter with a beam of 16 feet
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  • She was constructed of teak and reported as being 84 tons, 56 feet in length and having a beam of 18 feet 6 inches.
  • She is one hundred and sixty eight feet in length, twenty four feet across the beam and weighs 330 tons.
  • With her three pearl white parallel hulls she had a 25-foot beam.
1.5 informal The width of a person’s hips: notice how broad in the beam she’s getting?
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  • He had a touch of Jennifer Lopez's Latin good looks, but was less broad in the beam.
  • Annick is, to use one of my mother's expressions, a little broad in the beam.
  • She is, at 53, shorter than you'd expect, broad in the beam and still so extravagantly beautiful she appears unreal.
1.6The main stem of a stag’s antler: the wide beams sprouted ten main tines
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  • One of those bucks would have to have an inside spread, as measured by the greatest length between main antler beams, of at least 13 inches.
  • In all cases, they consist of a single tine removed from a palmate section of an antler beam.
  • Because the main beam of a buck swoops to the rear and then juts forward, it can trick the eye.
1.7The crossbar of a balance.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The most usual Irish term for a balance in general, and also for the beam of a balance, was meadh [ma], which is the word in use at the present day.
  • Directions indicated by the beam of a balance or a hanging plummet are called horizontal or vertical, respectively.
  • The original form of a weighing scale consisted of a beam with a fulcrum at its center.
1.8An oscillating shaft which transmits the vertical piston movement of a beam engine to the crank or pump.
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  • The up and down motion of the piston in the cylinder is transmitted by the beam to the piston in the water pump.
  • This also means that the beam can be balanced since the piston does equal work on both motions.
  • The up and down motion of the piston in the cylinder is transmitted by the beam to the piston in the water pump.
1.9The shank of an anchor.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The entire anchor sinks beam first into the ice.
  • A solid steel strap connects the anchor head and the beam.
  • That the figure of this useful instrument may be more clearly understood, let us suppose a long massy beam of iron erected perpendicularly, at the lower end of which are two arms of equal thickness with the beam (usually called the shank).
1.10 historical The main timber of a horse-drawn plough.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The traditional form of plough made by local workshops in Gloucestershire had a very distinctive long wooden beam and long straight-surfaced mouldboard.
  • Through the beam there runs a wooden pole which serves to fasten the beam to the plough-body and share.
  • These were known as a crooked ploughs because the beam curved forwards to the draft animal.
2A ray or shaft of light: a beam of light flashed in front of her the torch beam dimmed perceptibly
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  • As he stepped into a dim beam of light, I could make out his face; the face of a tortured man whose entire life had been called into question.
  • Natural light seeps through to every sump, and it is magical to drift through the maze of stalactites studded with reflective crystals, the light dancing in the beams of our torches.
  • Lighthouses are like isolated watchmen, flashing their warning beam of light in the night sky.
ray, shaft, stream, streak, pencil, finger;
flash, gleam, glow, glimmer, glint, flare, bar;
radiation, emission
2.1A directional flow of particles or radiation: beams of electrons
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  • An aspect of the present invention includes a method for homogenizing a beam of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Once upon a time, it was chiefly the tool of physicists who used beams of charged particles to explore the things that make atoms.
  • The gamma knife is a focused array of 201 intercepting beams of gamma radiation.
2.2A series of radio or radar signals emitted as a navigational guide for ships or aircraft: the detector simply pinpoints the radar beams that other ships transmit
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  • In addition to detecting enemy aircraft, the radar beam also echoed from precipitation, which proved a valuable tool in war planning.
  • Radar detectors do just what their name implies - they detect the radar beams that are emitted from a police officer or state trooper's radar guns.
  • The beams would guide a pilot to the airstrip, but in conditions of zero visibility, they did not provide altitude.
3A radiant or good-natured look or smile: a beam of satisfaction
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  • The beam of satisfaction from the children after counting to 20 or writing the English alphabet on their slate perfectly is one I will remember for a long time.
  • ‘Morning ladies’ she greeted, still smiling with that I-can-do-no-wrong beam.
  • The baby was a tiny piece of heaven, always smiling his adorable toothless beam, and batting those long lashes as he reached out to touch everything.
grin, smile, bright look


1 [with object and adverbial of direction] Transmit (a radio signal or broadcast) in a specified direction: the satellite beamed back radio signals to scientists on Earth
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  • In one experiment, Clementine beamed radio signals into shadowed craters near the Moon's south pole.
  • A global Christian organisation already beams a shortwave signal from transmitters just outside Kununurra.
  • The moment will be beamed by satellite transmission to television and radio stations around the world.
broadcast, transmit, relay, send/put out, disseminate;
direct, aim;
televise, show, telecast, put on the air/airwaves
1.1 [with object] (beam someone up/down) (In science fiction) transport someone instantaneously to or from a spaceship: mission controller, beam me up!
Phrase from the American television series Star Trek
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  • The team from the Starship Enterprise have been beamed down.
  • Anyway, this bunch of geeks at ANU managed to do this thing, dreaming of Star Trek and Scotty beaming them up.
  • Kildare Town residents were bemused when a statue of Lord Edward Fitzgerald appeared in Market Square recently as if he appeared by magic or as if aliens had beamed him down.
2 [no object, with adverbial of direction] (Of a light or light source) shine brightly: the sun’s rays beamed down
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  • The sun shined brightly and the rays of light beamed into the King and Queen's room as the windows were opened.
  • The bright lights were still beaming down as bright as ever.
  • Suddenly, a bright light beamed on the werewolf's face, and it hid its eyes.
shine, radiate, glare, glitter, gleam, shimmer, glimmer, twinkle, flash, flare, streak
3 [no object] Smile radiantly: she beamed with pleasure
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  • Organisers of the new Yorkshire Forward quality customer care scheme whose logo is a huge smile, are beaming with pleasure.
  • People gawked and stared, and he stared back with a grin beaming from ear to ear.
  • Tammy Armstrong sits in a café sipping coffee between ash blonde braids, a smile beaming across her face.
grin, smile, dimple, grin like a Cheshire Cat, twinkle, smirk, laugh
informal be all smiles
grinning, smiling, laughing;
cheerful, happy, radiant, glowing, sunny, joyful, elated, thrilled, delighted, overjoyed, rapturous, blissful
bright, cheery, sparkling, flashing, brilliant, dazzling, intense, gleaming, radiant
3.1 [with object] Express (an emotion) with a radiant smile: the instructress beamed her approval
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  • The Barbie looked at her, every bit of its plastic smile beaming its approval.
  • I beamed my approval and choked down the lump in my throat.
  • When I approach to thank him for the dance, he clasps my hand and shakes it vigorously, beaming appreciation.



a beam in one's eye

A fault that is greater in oneself than in the person one is finding fault with: economic forecasters should consider the beam in their own eye before criticizing the government’s figures
With biblical allusion to Matt. 7:3
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  • I know there's a beam in my eye, so it's too bad I so enjoy pointing out the specks in others’.
  • The fact is that we all have a beam in our eye, but most people only see the sliver.
  • But, of course, others out there can sometimes notice the blockage, like a beam in our eye.

off (or way off) beam

informal On the wrong track; mistaken: you’re way off beam on this one
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  • George Orwell wasn't wrong about much but he was way off beam with his famously jaundiced view of sport.
  • In order to spare you any possible disappointment, I should say up front that Robinson is wrong - utterly and mind-bogglingly off beam.
  • I believe ‘Neighbours’ became a preferred route only later in her development, so to claim that now as the basis for the management split seems way off beam to my thinking.
mistaken, incorrect, inaccurate, wrong, erroneous, off-target, out, on the wrong track, wide of the mark, awry
informal (getting) cold

on the beam

informal On the right track: I’ve had a couple of stormy sessions with the old rascal trying to keep him on the beam
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  • And when we come back we'll also have Katie on the beam.
  • Neil Patel's set makes the most of the small Playwrights Horizons stage, Kaye Voyce's costumes look suitably lived in, and Frances Aronson's lighting is on the beam.
  • By and large, SRI's survey was right on the beam.

on her (or its) beam ends

(Of a ship) heeled over on its side; almost capsized.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The ship was taken aback and thrown on her beam ends, in which situation she remained two hours.
  • Next day the vessel was discovered in a creek at Ulbster on her beam ends with the sea washing over her.
  • At daylight, the vessel was located on her beam ends, lying on her side where she had drifted.

on one's beam ends

Near the end of one’s resources; desperate: if they were on their beam ends they might brave an audience with Fisher
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  • And those guys pretend they're on their beam ends.
  • ‘He was down on his beam ends,’ she recalled.
  • We are pretty well on our beam ends as far as Christmas fare is concerned.


Old English bēam 'tree, beam', of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch boom and German Baum.

  • As well as referring to a piece of wood, beam originally also meant ‘a tree’, a use that survives in the name of the hornbeam (late 16th century), a member of the birch family. Sailors understood a beam to be one of the timbers stretching from side to side of a ship, supporting the deck and holding the vessel together. From there beam came to mean a ship's greatest breadth. This is why you can call someone broad in the beam, ‘wide in the hips’. A ship that is on its beam ends is heeled over on its side, almost capsized, and so if a person is on their beam ends they are in a very bad situation.

    The beam in your eye, the fault that is greater in yourself than in the person you are finding fault with, comes from the Bible. Matthew contrasts the large beam unseen in someone's own eye with the mote (‘speck’) noticed in the eye of another. When someone is way off beam they are mistaken, on the wrong track. Here they are being likened to an aircraft that has gone astray from the radio beam or signal used to guide it.

    ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ will forever be associated with the American television series Star Trek, as the words with which Captain Kirk asked Lieutenant Commander Scott to ‘beam’ or transport him from a planet back to the starship USS Enterprise. The exact words, however, do not occur in any of the television scripts, although it was later used in the films.

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