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bed 1

Pronunciación: /bɛd/


1A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress: a large double bed she was in bed by nine
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  • Many of these fires happen when someone falls asleep in bed or on upholstered furniture such as a sofa while smoking.
  • If your pain is severe, your doctor may suggest that you rest in bed for a day or two.
  • The bed was the largest piece of furniture in the room and stood against the south wall, opposite the door.
couch, berth, billet
informal the sack, the hay
British informal one's pit
Scottish informal kip
1.1A bed and associated facilities comprising a place for a patient in a hospital: the unit has 20 geriatric beds
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  • Nurses working for the Auckland Mental Health Service are refusing to admit patients unless hospitals have beds and staff available.
  • He said he recognised that acute hospitals had beds occupied by patients who could be discharged if appropriate facilities were available.
  • ‘The targets have meant hospitals pushing patients through beds even when they should be closed for cleaning to get rid of infection,’ he said.
1.2A bedroom: [in combination]: a three-bed detached house
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  • Prices start at £370,000 for two-bed apartments, with three-beds starting at £440,000.
  • A two-bed in the same area in 1995 would cost about £550 whereas today they cost around £900 per month.
  • A five-bed bungalow is currently being built on a half acre plot.
1.3A place or article used by a person or animal for sleep or rest: a bed of straw
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  • Life is austere and, as his fellow workers do, he makes and sleeps in a straw bed.
  • He walks outside and heads for the barn where he finds Stuart and Nick hard at work forking new hay for the animals' beds.
  • I pushed past him into the small room and set the child down on the circular bed of animal furs as gently as possible.
1.4 informal Used with reference to a bed as the typical place for sexual activity: he’s incredibly good in bed she’d gone to bed with Tom
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  • I'm pretty good in bed if I do say so myself.
  • She also says that any man who's obsessed with football is terrible in bed.
  • Here is a lovely guy who is kind, generous and good to me and who is great in bed and I am telling him to back off - why?
2The bottom of the sea or a lake or river: the gravelly bed of the stream
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  • The lads are covering a total distance of 144 miles, across sand, stones, mountains, dried lakes, river beds and dunes.
  • A mystery remains, however, over the way features resembling flood plains, river beds and gorges were created on Mars.
  • The little silvery streams criss-crossing the river bed are enough for them to eke out a living.
2.1A place on the seabed where shellfish, especially oysters or mussels, breed or are bred: the Firth of Forth was once home to vast beds of oysters
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  • After the island came a long beach stroll; oystercatchers plundered the mussel beds and crows feasted on small crabs.
  • The island has an untouched oyster bed while the general area has mussel and cockle beds.
  • Oyster beds can really get messed up by a big storm coming through.
3An area of ground, typically in a garden, where flowers and plants are grown: the lawns are flanked by rose beds a bed of tulips
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  • As soon as the ground can be worked, dig or till compost or other organic matter into the soil to prepare flower and vegetable beds for spring planting.
  • The best camellias are usually grown in beds or in areas where the soil and surroundings offer a friendly home for them.
  • Therefore, roses are generally most successful if grown in beds away from large plants.
patch, plot, area, lot, space, border, strip, row
4A stratum or layer of rock: a bed of clay
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  • Within the Wessex Formation there are two beds of potential stratigraphic significance.
  • The vivianite occurs in dark brown and dark gray beds of glacial silt and clay.
  • Offset by the blue of sky, the massive beds of rock stand out in surprising colours.
5A layer of food on which other foods are served: the salad is served on a bed of raw spinach
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  • Chilli peppers are included in a mixture of minced lamb and flavourings served on a bed of Basmati rice.
  • Serve hot on a bed of onion, tomato and cucumber rings and plenty of tomato sauce or any chutney of your choice.
  • The baked lamb is served on the bed of rice liberally garnished with almonds and ghee.
6A flat base or foundation on which something rests or is supported: place each paver on a bed of concrete
6.1The foundation of a road or railway: the pavement consists of granite blocks set on a bed of cobblestones and cement
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  • Workers again placed concrete mud beds on the subgrade under the drains and attached angle iron to them with concrete anchors.
  • Three and a half years passed by, but not one mile of road bed or train tracks was made.
  • When the train stopped our car was positioned well beyond the station area over the gravel road bed.
6.2chiefly North American The open part of a truck, wagon, or cart, where goods are carried: the spare tyre in the forward bed of the truck
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  • In one, he's standing beside the open bed of a pickup truck on which lies a giant, dead buck.
  • Teenagers sat in the beds of pickup trucks with their hands covering their open mouths.
  • We see them in sports bars, dark lounges, or spilling from the beds of pick-up trucks.
6.3The flat surface beneath the baize of a billiard table.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The profile of the rail cushion, which is the cushion's angle in relation to the bed of the table, varies between table types.
  • Candle light was replaced by oil lamps, but a tray was still necessary to prevent drips of oil from damaging the cloth covering the bed of the table.
  • Because the beds of these tables were made of wood, they warped within just a few years.

verbo (beds, bedding, bedded)

[with object]
1Provide with sleeping accommodation: the children were bedded in the attic
1.1 [no object] (bed down) Settle down to sleep or rest for the night in an improvised place: you can bed down in the shed
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  • After several hours of chatting and singing, the night grew late and the people began to bed down to sleep.
  • The Avenue features street kids, many of whom live from night to night, bedding down wherever they can find shelter.
  • The rest bedded down in one of the shelters, detox centres, hospital emergency departments, or police cells.
1.2 (bed someone/thing down) Settle a person or animal down to sleep or rest for the night: she is grooming the horses and bedding them down for the night
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  • We bedded him down on Friday night, tired and a little drunk, in the living room, at 2am, next to a radiator and directly opposite the morning sun, which our house faces.
  • Stable boys were bedding the horses down for the night or sweeping the stabling area clean.
  • The other horses were brought in and the two girls were kept busy, fetching fresh water and hay for the horses, while the horsemen groomed the animals and bedded them down.
1.3 informal Have sexual intercourse with: he should bed a woman of his own age and leave this girl alone
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  • She wooed her by writing her a fabulous part in the nursing academy's Christmas play, and bedded her in the dormitory soon after.
  • Rock musicians spend all their time bedding models and ingesting narcotics.
  • You don't deserve a man who's killed other men and bedded other women.
2Transfer (a plant) from a pot or seed tray to a garden plot: I bedded out some houseplants
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  • I have bedded my tomato plants in the greenhouse and some more in the veg patch, whilst the wife has potted her crab apple tree in the planter.
  • I dealt with it by spending the day in the garden, potting and bedding-in a batch of new flowers.
  • Some fifteen boxes of daylilies and irises were sent over last weekend, and they will need to be bedded soon.
plant, plant out, set in beds/soil, put in the ground, set out, transplant
3Fix firmly; embed: the posts should be firmly bedded in concrete
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  • He commented on the ease with which slabs were removed, demonstrating that they were not firmly bedded to 75% depth in accordance with our printed recommendations.
  • The track in Australia is not deeply bedded on a firm base and much of it lacks proper drainage.
  • She returned to the task of bolting together the sides of her small greenhouse and bedding them into the soil.
embed, set, fix into, insert, inlay, implant, bury, base, plant, settle
3.1Lay or arrange (something, especially stone) in a layer: crazy paving has to be bedded on a solid base of hard core
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  • The Formation with a total thickness of 2,500 m in the area generally consists of calcareous sandstone, greywacke and silt interbeds, with some massive and median-thickly bedded limestones.
  • The veins extend perpendicularly from the thrust fault across the skarn and pinch out in overlying rhythmically bedded limestone.
  • The sedimentary rocks are well bedded and dominated by mudstones with beds 2-5 m thick.
3.2 [no object] (bed in) Settle down and become established: a period of calm will allow the changes to bed in
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  • Can I ask how you see the relationship developing between police authorities and the IPCC, when the process beds in?
  • While the education authority is keen to talk up the new system, it admits there are likely to be hiccups as it beds in.
  • As the change beds in, smoking will seem less and less like a normal thing to do.



bed and board

British Lodging and food, typically forming part of someone’s wages: she had bed and board and two shillings a day pay
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  • As well as bed and board, she would be granted a generous wage.
  • She began her career as an impoverished illustrator, earning her bed and board as the lowly assistant manager of an undergraduate dormitory at New York University.
  • They come to the UK for six weeks to two years, living with and working for a family in exchange for free bed and board and £50 spending money a week.

bed of nails

A board with nails pointing out of it, as lain on by fakirs and ascetics.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • He watches a fakir twirl on his nose on a bed of nails.
  • It's like walking on broken glass, lying on a bed of nails and having a concrete block broken on your chest.
  • The devoted England fan who showed his passion by lying on a bed of nails during the clash with Brazil has been invited to go to Japan and repeat the performance - during the World Cup final.
2.1A problematic or uncomfortable situation: he took over the Liberal leadership after that bed of nails had been vacated by Lord Rosebery
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  • Motherhood is a bed of nails that requires a lot of adjustment before you can get comfortable.
  • So a third term for the prime minister would immediately be a bed of nails unless he made major concessions to his critics.
  • However, those who suffered extreme injustice would have to go through a tough test before they were permitted to see the local governor - they would have to lie on a bed of nails.

a bed of roses

[usually with negative] Used in reference to a situation or activity that is comfortable or easy: farming is no bed of roses
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  • There are hardly any women in racing and it is not a bed of roses, but I keep my head down and let my driving do the talking.
  • People think that life is a bed of roses if you're a professional golfer, but life is very hard on the Challenge Tour.
  • We've been told, by countless shrinks and well-meaning friends, that marriage is no everlasting bed of roses.

be brought to bed

archaic Give birth to a child: she was brought to bed of a daughter
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  • Nine months later she was brought to bed of a son.
  • In early fall Estelle was brought to bed of the child.
  • When the woman was brought to bed, the enchantress appeared at once, gave the child the name of Rapunzel, and took it away with her.

get out of bed on the wrong side (or US get up on the wrong side of the bed)

Start the day in a bad mood, which continues all day long: did you get out of bed on the wrong side this morning?
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  • Either he got up on the wrong side of the bed today, or he's just fed up with the Franco-German international shuffle.
  • Woah, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed!
  • O.K., I see she got up on the wrong side of the bed.

in bed with

Having sexual intercourse with: he found the missus in bed with one of the neighbours
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  • He found his wife in bed with another man, shot them both, and then himself.
  • In June of that year, he came home from work one night and found his wife in bed with another man.
  • Then one day, you're gonna come home and find your wife in bed with another man.
have sex with, have sexual intercourse with, make love to, sleep with, spend the night with;
couple with, mate with
informal bed, score with
euphemistic have one's (wicked) way with
formal copulate with
formal fornicate with
6.1In undesirably close association with: he was in bed with the Mob
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  • How can my views have any validity if they put me in bed with either of the above?
  • It does sound too much like our reporters are in bed with the military.
  • You should choose someone who doesn't have a history of being in bed with the bad guys.

keep one's bed

archaic Stay in bed because of illness.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • It continued till my coming here to Berwick, and then became so vehement, turning to a flux of blood with so great pain as was possible, that I was constrained to keep my bed 15 days.
  • She was suffering from an incurable organic spinal complaint which had obliged her to keep her bed for seven years.
  • Then the fever begins to seize them, and they keep their beds two days, very seldom three.

one has made one's bed and must lie in (or on) it

One must accept the consequences of one’s actions.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Even if she had transportation, a woman would not ask anyone for help, because the prevailing attitude held that she had made her bed and must lie in it.
  • He has made his bed and must lie in it.
  • He knows he has made his bed and must lie in it.

put someone to bed

Prepare someone, typically a child, for rest in bed: Clare put her to bed and gave her a mug of cocoa
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  • I had the pleasure of cooking dinner, feeding, bathing and putting Franklin to bed on my own.
  • Denise said the accident happened after she had been putting Cameron to bed in his own bedroom and someone knocked at the door.
  • Tonight, as I was changing Alex before putting her to bed, she did something she never did before.

put something to bed

informal Make a newspaper or book ready for press: the newspaper will often be put to bed the day before the publication date
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The vast amount of our usage is not taken from the paper, it's content we produce once the newspaper is put to bed.
  • The news was one of two late good news breaks about the health service as we put the newspaper to bed on Thursday afternoon.
  • Eventually it was done, the paper was put to bed, set up on the printing press and rolled out for dispatch.
10.1Deal with conclusively: I hope that puts to bed all the nonsense the university debate needs putting to bed one theatre season has been put to bed and another is just springing to life
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Now Sinn Fein's Eamonn McConvey is demanding the the issue is ' put to bed '.
  • Everywhere around me, the editorial staff were putting the magazine to bed.
  • Managed to make some headway on putting the garden to bed for the winter too.

take to one's bed

Stay in bed because of illness: he took to his bed for a week with a chill
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • By the time she mounted the carriage for her dress fitting, she was ready to take to her bed and cry illness for the next few weeks.
  • In 1896 she again took to her bed, this time to stay.
  • Last night I took to my bed at the early hour of eight, and spent a hoarse night waking a lot and feeling crampy and sorry for myself.


Old English bed, bedd (noun), beddian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bed and German Bett.

  • The core idea of this Old English word may be ‘digging’, as if the very first beds were dug-out lairs or hollows. Medieval uses of to make a bed refer to the preparation of a sleeping place on the floor of an open hall, one which would not have existed until ‘made’. The term bed and breakfast first appeared in the late 19th century—in 1910 a ‘residential hotel’ is recorded offering ‘Bed and breakfast from 4/-’ (4 shillings or, in modern British currency, 20 pence). In the 1970s the phrase began to describe the financial practice of bed-and-breakfasting, in which dealers sell shares late in the day and buy them back early the next morning to gain a tax advantage.

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Hay 2 definiciones de bed en inglés:

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BEd 2

Pronunciación: /biːˈɛd/


Bachelor of Education.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Rose of Tralee Orla O'Shea swapped her tiara for a mortarboard yesterday when she graduated from Mary Immaculate teacher training college in Limerick.Orla, who was conferred with a BEd, teaches in a girls' school in Swords, Co Dublin.
  • He is studying for a BEd in English Literature and works as a freelance journalist.
  • He did his BEd. and MA in Economics from AMU and topped the list of successful candidates in MA for which he was awarded University Medal.

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