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Saltos de línea: catty
Pronunciación: /ˈkati

adjetivo (cattier, cattiest)

1Deliberately hurtful in one’s remarks; spiteful: catty comments
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  • Let joy raise you above negative comments, catty remarks or outright persecution.
  • We have many friends and acquaintances with different political values, but these two are the only ones who feel the need to ruin a perfectly nice evening with snide and catty comments about people whom they know we support.
  • Girls engage in catty behavior and nasty comments, judging each other on appearance and material possessions.
2Relating to cats; catlike: catty eyes
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  • Here are some other uplifting things: a cycle ride in the sun, coffee in the garden, a sleepy-eyed hello from the cat, which summons up the energy to eat some catty lunch before going for another sleep.



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  • She cattily told Weinstein she had heard that, in a bedroom scene, Charisse was wearing a padded negligee bra.
  • Carolyn cattily says ‘I thought I was your lunch date.’
  • ‘Look, Slick, you may think you're the king of thieves, but that doesn't mean anybody agrees with you,’ Macyn replied cattily.


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  • What makes you and your friends any less bitchy and catty then the girls who's bitchiness and cattiness you talk about all the time?
  • It's a moderately-interesting tale of bitchiness, cattiness and psychotic behaviour.
  • Her strongest character traits are, in about this order, heroic courage; wrath; vengefulness; envy; and cattiness.

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