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Saltos de línea: choc|olate
Pronunciación: /ˈtʃɒk(ə)lət


[mass noun]
1A food in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened and eaten as confectionery: a bar of chocolate [as modifier]: a chocolate biscuit
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  • The only foods previously available were chocolate bars, candy, potato chips and pop.
  • She enjoys Italian food, chocolate biscuits and reading endless amounts of books.
  • Look, you do not need to coat the bottom of a chocolate chip cookie with chocolate.
1.1 [count noun] A sweet made of or covered with chocolate: a box of chocolates
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  • You have to get a second mortgage in order to buy a small box of chocolates.
  • When I was five, she bought me chocolates and chewing gum and we talked about cricket.
  • All we were offered were packets of sweet custard creams and chocolates.
1.2Hot chocolate: I drink chocolate because it is so soothing
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  • After cleaning and polishing our fly lines, I had a mug of chocolate then crawled inside my sleeping bag.
  • I got up, made myself a steaming mug of chocolate and the cats a saucer of warmed Carnation milk and we sat in the kitchen all crowded up close to one another until the wind died down a little.
  • After taking a nice warm shower, she made herself a cup of chocolate and settled down to do her homework.
1.3A deep brown colour: the former Great Western colours of chocolate and cream [as modifier]: his chocolate brown eyes
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  • Cysts are also likely to grow within the ovaries and these cysts are chocolate brown in colour.
  • What was wrong with deep chocolate brown, or a lighter green to the usual wheelies?
  • His eyes are this deep chocolate brown color, the type you could lose your mind in.


early 17th century (in the sense 'a drink made with chocolate'): from French chocolat or Spanish chocolate, from Nahuatl chocolatl 'food made from cacao seeds', influenced by unrelated cacaua-atl 'drink made from cacao'.



(also chocolaty) adjetivo
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  • The praline spread tastes like chocolatey smooth peanut butter.
  • Most of the other desserts were chocolaty things - chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, Sachertorte.
  • The crust is crispy with a marked chocolate taste, the pears are sweet and refreshing, and the ganache connects it all with its creamy chocolaty goodness.

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