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Pronunciación: /kəʊst/


1The part of the land adjoining or near the sea: the west coast of Africa they sailed further up the coast
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  • The search for a missing yachtsman whose boat ran aground on the North East coast has been scaled down.
  • There are also plans to have some naval vessels patrol the West African coast.
  • They have now moved to the Sri Lankan capital Colombo on the south west coast.
seaboard, coastal region, coastline, seashore, shore, shoreline, seaside, beach, sand, sands, foreshore, waterside, water's edge, waterfront
technical littoral
literary strand
1.1 (the Coast) North American The Pacific coast of North America.
2The easy movement of a vehicle without the use of power: once the coast to the moon had begun, Apollo was separated from the third stage


1 [no object] (Of a person or vehicle) move easily without using power: they were coasting down a long hill
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  • Any time the vehicle is coasting, it is not consuming any power, which adds many miles to the vehicle's overall range.
  • While you are coasting with both skates parallel, move one skate forward and the other skate backward for balance.
  • Suddenly the sail is flapping and useless, the acceleration is gone, and I'm coasting gently towards the edge of the airfield, still steering with my feet.
1.1Proceed without making much effort: Colchester coasted to victory
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  • Saints coasted to a very comfortable 60-16 victory, after a devastating first-half performance which emphasised the gap between the top and bottom of Super League.
  • And worryingly for their rivals, not only have New Zealand coasted to the second grand slam but they have also developed an international squad of remarkable depth in the process.
  • Waterloo never looked back and coasted to a 56-50 victory, with Mike Sovran leading the way with 12 points and 7 rebounds.
freewheel, cruise, taxi, drift, glide, sail, float, skate, slip, skim
2 [no object, with adverbial of direction] Sail along the coast, especially in order to carry cargo: (as adjective coasting) a coasting schooner
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  • After coasting along the shores of Brazil and advancing up the River Amazon, then called Marañon, he returned by way of Hispaniola, to be driven for refuge from storm into the port of Aguada.
  • Instead, he bumped into the Americas on his first voyage of discovery, landing first somewhere in the Bahamas, and then coasting along Cuba, before eventually returning to Spain.
  • A small red ferryboat gently coasted on its way to San Fransisco.


the coast is clear

There is no danger of being observed or caught: the streetcleaners kept stopping off for a smoke when the coast was clear
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  • She then looks up and down the street, as if she's making sure the coast is clear, and then she just takes off.
  • And then, if the coast is clear, we can safely follow.
  • Our characters were supposed to look around to make sure the coast is clear, then jump in the truck and race off.


Middle English (in the sense 'side of the body'), from Old French coste (noun), costeier (verb), from Latin costa 'rib, flank, side'. sense 1 of the noun arose from the phrase coast of the sea 'side of the sea'.

  • The Latin word costa meant ‘rib or side’, which is why coast meant ‘rib’ and ‘the side of the body’ from Anglo-Saxon days right up until the start of the 19th century. The sense is still found in French côte de porc (where the ^ stands for a lost ‘s’) for ‘pork chop’ referring to the rib bone, and in the word cutlet (early 18th century) ‘a little côte’. The phrase coast of the sea—meaning ‘side of the sea’—gave rise to the modern use, ‘the part of the land adjoining the sea’. The verb originally meant ‘to move along the edge of something’ and ‘to sail along the coast’. The coast is clear originally signalled that there were no enemies or coastguards guarding a sea coast who would prevent an attempt to land or embark by sailors or smugglers.

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