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Saltos de línea: con|cede
Pronunciación: /kənˈsiːd


  • 1 [reporting verb] Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it: [with clause]: I had to concede that I’d overreacted [with direct speech]: ‘All right then,’ she conceded
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    • When the allegations were put to McKellar, he denied them while conceding that complaints had been made.
    • The Liberal Democrats have already conceded that they cannot deny him a further term in office.
    • This is clear to see on page 41 of the originating judgment where the trial judge relied on that alibi which Mr Smith now concedes is not true.
  • 1.1 [with object] Admit (defeat) in a match or contest: reluctantly, Ellen conceded defeat
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    • Senate Majority Leader John Hottinger conceded defeat to Governor Tim Pawlenty this afternoon.
    • As much as I hated to concede defeat, I opened the door and asked, ‘Anyone have any ideas?’
    • Milosevic lost the elections, but even two weeks later, he still refused to concede defeat.
    capitulate, give in, surrender, yield, give up the struggle, cave in, submit, raise/show the white flag, lay down one's arms; back down, climb down
    informal throw in the towel, throw in the sponge
  • 1.2 [with object] Admit defeat in (a match or contest): they conceded the match to their opponents
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    • It took only minutes before Karae was ready to concede the equestrianship title to Yelan.
    • Many in the party seemed helpless before the Republican success, ready to concede the 2004 election.
    • A moment later he told members of his campaign that he was ready to concede the election to Bush, which he did several minutes later over the telephone.
  • 2 [with object] Surrender or yield (a possession, right, or privilege): in 475 the emperor conceded the Auvergne to Euric
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    • Not all periods of the game are of equal tactical significance, and the ability to play through the dying minutes without panic, and without conceding possession and position is a vital one.
    • But Anderlecht were an increasing danger, going forward down both flanks and profiting from Liverpool conceding possession.
    • The home keeper showed immense bravery in just 4 minutes when he dived at the feet of Andy Clark after Derek Clark had carelessly conceded possession.
  • 2.1Grant (a right, privilege, or demand): their rights to redress of grievances were conceded once more
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    • The Sikhs had to agitate for nearly 15 years until their demand was conceded in 1966.
    • But the biggest present was a letter on the fax from Jack McConnell conceding her demand for an independent inquiry into the shambles of the Holyrood building.
    • If Cork demands are conceded, and other counties follow suit, then it would be reasonable to suggest that there will be many players constantly taking time off to train and play.
  • 2.2(In sport) fail to prevent an opponent scoring (a goal or point): they have conceded only one goal in seven matches
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    • The situation at the break, 1-0 ahead, was familiar to Kendal but in their three previous matches they had failed to score, conceded goals and lost.
    • A strong defensive partnership between Ellie Hargreaves and Annabel Graham at the back prevented any goals being conceded during the morning.
    • While they don't concede goals frivolously, getting the ball in the net has become something of a luxury.
  • 2.3Allow (a lead or advantage) to slip: he took an early lead which he never conceded
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    • We conceded the lead in a close finish and ended up losing the game.
    • Johnson being the sole dedicated striker allowed Williamson to stretch Celtic's back three without conceding any numerical advantage to them in the centre of the field.
    • The Sylvestrians who were reeling at 19 for 4 overnight, batted through to 134, conceding a lead of 125.



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  • But the concessions cannot be withdrawn until the conceders leave the political scene.
  • They are the biggest corner conceders in the league away from home, allowing an average of 8.24 per game.
  • If the politicians turned out to be big territory conceders - maybe there's hope for the opposition.


late 15th century: from French concéder or Latin concedere, from con- 'completely' + cedere 'yield'.

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