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Pronunciación: /kənˈsɪdə/


[with object]
1Think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision: each application is considered on its merits (as adjective considered) I may not have time to give a considered reply to suggestions
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  • Here, though, the winemaker must consider his market carefully.
  • He asked my opinion and considered it in decisions about the manor where we once had lived.
  • He said he's got war on his mind as he considers these policies and decisions he has to make.
1.1Think about and be drawn towards (a course of action): he had considered giving up his job
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  • I agree, and think that we have made a big mistake by not considering such a course of action.
  • Perhaps the university may consider a lesser contribution towards the cost as it is not on land owned by the university.
  • Adults who want to continue with their education are being asked to consider Open University courses.
1.2Believe to be; think: [with object and infinitive]: at first women were considered to be at low risk from HIV [with clause]: I don’t consider that I’m to blame
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  • I have always considered myself to be reasonably green, driving a small car, walking to work and recycling much of my rubbish.
  • I know some people probably consider me to be a trophy wife - when they meet me they realise that's not the case.
  • I have taken these into account and considered each dream to be a form of communication.
1.3 [with object and complement] Regard (someone or something) as having a specified quality: I consider him irresponsible
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  • Despite her ugly qualities, I still consider her a person who offers excellent company.
  • If you are poor but have all good qualities you are considered not worth knowing.
  • At first regarded as an eccentric minor poet, she is now considered a major writer of startling originality.
regard as, deem, hold to be, think, think of as, reckon, believe, judge, adjudge, rate, class as, account, count, gauge, look on as, view as, see as, take for, interpret as, suppose, find;
1.4Take (something) into account when making a judgement: one service area is not enough when you consider the number of cars using this motorway
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  • Sometimes a system may look expensive but when you consider factors like reduced installation time, higher aeration efficiency, greater longevity of the products, reduced maintenance needs and comprehensive warranty programs it becomes clear that overall you often get more than what you pay for.
  • As we've said, custom design doesn't come cheap but when you consider what you get, we think it's great value.
  • The deaths and torture scenes are rather grisly when you consider the era in which this movie came out.
take into consideration, take into account, take account of, make allowances for, respect, bear in mind, be mindful of, have regard to, reckon with, remember, mind, mark, heed, note, not forget, make provision for, take to heart, pay/have regard to, be guided by
2Look attentively at: the old man considered his granddaughter thoughtfully
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  • He considered her face a moment before he reached for her arm.
  • Narrowing his eyes, and with one hand tucked in the silk pocket of his well-cut slacks, he considered her face as if she were a portrait by Rubens or Goya.
  • He sighed to himself as he considered the portrait for a long moment.
informal check out, have a gander at, have a squint at, get a load of
British informal have a butcher's at, take a dekko at, take a shufti at, clock
North American informal eyeball


all things considered

Taking everything into account: so, all things considered, I think I have done all right
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  • In general, last year was by most accounts a successful year for the fitness facility industry, all things considered.
  • So all things considered, it's pretty optimistic.
  • So it's pretty reasonable, all things considered.


Late Middle English: from Old French considerer, from Latin considerare 'examine', perhaps based on sidus, sider- 'star'.

  • You used to consider with your eyes rather than your brain. Latin considerare meant ‘to observe or examine something’, but had an earlier meaning ‘to observe the stars’ and was based on sidus ‘a star or constellation’. The earliest meaning of consider was ‘to look at something very carefully’, but this soon widened to the notion of thinking carefully about something.

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