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Pronunciación: /kənˈvəːdʒ(ə)nt/


1Coming closer together; converging: a convergent boundary there are a number of convergent reasons for the growth of interest in pragmatics
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  • Ocean-floor basalts are extruded along mid-ocean ridges that define divergent boundaries, whereas island-arcs are produced as the ocean floor is subducted at convergent plate boundaries.
  • The volcanically active trail-ends are preferentially located near divergent plate boundaries and are rare near convergent boundaries.
  • The mechanics of mountain belts along convergent plate boundaries are often considered to be analogous to that of a wedge of snow or soil in front of moving bulldozer.
1.1 Psychology (Of thought) tending to follow only well-established patterns.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Note that nearly all formal education is concentrated on convergent thinking and the concept of the "Right Answer"!
  • From a psychological perspective, this research seems to indicate that past success may give rise to convergent thinking in groups.
  • I argue that the relationship between past success and convergent thinking may depend on the attributions that groups generate to explain their shared success.
1.2 Biology Relating to or denoting evolutionary convergence: one of the most bizarre examples of convergent evolution concerns the so-called periodical cicadas
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • That kind of independent ‘invention,’ known as convergent evolution, is a sign of a trait's evolutionary value.
  • The most amazing fact about the evolution of flight is the extent of convergent evolution between the three main groups that evolved it (again, the pterosaurs, birds, and bats).
  • There are several cases of convergent evolution between marsupials and placental mammals, in which the two animals have evolved to fill the same ecological niche in different parts of the world.
2 Mathematics (Of a series) approaching a definite limit as more of its terms are added.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The standards of rigour that he set, defining, for example, irrational numbers as limits of convergent series, strongly affected the future of mathematics.
  • Although they have often been dismissed as logical nonsense, many attempts have also been made to dispose of them by means of mathematical theorems, such as the theory of convergent series or the theory of sets.
  • A method of summation is called regular, if it sums every convergent series to its ordinary sum.


Early 18th century: from late Latin convergent- 'inclining together', from the verb convergere (see converge).

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detergent, divergent, emergent, insurgent, resurgent, urgent

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