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cork 1

Pronunciación: /kɔːk/


1 [mass noun] A buoyant light brown substance obtained from the outer layer of the bark of the cork oak: vinyl-coated cork is practical as a floor covering [as modifier]: cork tiles
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  • Made from the inner bark of the Mediterranean cork oak tree, cork can be cut repeatedly from trees that may be hundreds of years old.
  • There are other things you can do with cork: make cork tiles out of it, for example.
  • The bathroom is at the back of the hall: it has cork floor tiling, part-tiled walls and a chocolate brown suite, including a bath with telephone shower attachment and bidet.
1.1 Botany A protective layer of dead cells immediately below the bark of woody plants.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Root bases were attached to the stem over cavities prepared by removing lenticels and discs of cork and secondary cortex beneath.
  • Adaxial bulliform cells, cork cells and subsidiary cells were not silicified.
  • Suberin is also formed developmentally and is found in the dermal cells of underground tissues, the Casparian band and in the cork cells of bark tissue.
2A bottle stopper made of cork or a similar material: he pulled out the cork and commenced pouring the wine champagne corks popped
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  • The sounds of corks popping on champagne bottles added to locals cheering on the endeavours of the small committee who had over-seen a job well done.
  • Finally, someone popped the cork on a champagne bottle and we all cheered.
  • Pascal personally popped the corks of the champagne bottles, and by doing so, auspiciously symbolised the incoming of luck and good fortune for the Pattaya Blatt team.
stopper, stop, plug, bung, peg, spigot, spile, seal;
cap, top, lid, cover, covering;
North American  stopple
2.1A piece of cork used as a float for a fishing line or net: the little steamer was tossed about like a cork
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  • They had fishing poles, and lines with corks on them out floating in the scummy water.
  • The cork floated on the surface, its quill upright like the periscope of a submarine.
  • A small cork or float usually is used to suspend the bait a foot or two beneath the surface (the distance can be adjusted by sliding the float).


[with object]
1Close or seal (a bottle) with a cork: the bottles were tightly corked and wired
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  • The vapor collected in the bottle and when it stopped Xander simply corked the bottle, stood up straight and returned to Jessica who was still standing in the center of the living room watching the scene.
  • She corked the bottles, putting one away and one on the ground.
  • He quickly corked the bottle, then set it on top of the slightly ajar door as a trap for any who would dare disturb it.
2Draw with burnt cork: he had corked a moustache on his upper lip
3Illicitly hollow out (a baseball bat) and fill it with cork to make it lighter: the balls are doctored and the bats are corked
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  • Whether it's pitchers doctoring baseballs, batters corking bats or electricians creating an eye in the sky cheating system, historically, individuals and teams sometimes do whatever is necessary to gain an edge.
  • Baseball Tonight ran a lengthy clip of former co-host and current Texas Rangers manager Buck Showalter demonstrating in painstaking detail how to cork a bat.
  • Is putting a foreign substance on a ball or corking a bat as bad as using performance-enhancing drugs?
4Australian Suffer a painful bruising injury to (a limb) as a result of a heavy blow, especially while participating in a contact sport: he corked his thigh and limped off [as modifier]: she was subbed off in the first half because of a corked hip
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  • He only corked his calf so he will amaze us once again.
  • He is dropped for the trip west amidst talk of a corked leg.
  • I will have intensive physiotherapy on my corked thigh this week and should be right to train by Friday and that will ensure I play on the weekend.


Middle English: from Dutch and Low German kork, from Spanish alcorque 'cork-soled sandal', from Arabic al- 'the' and (probably) Spanish Arabic qurq, qorq, based on Latin quercus 'oak, cork oak'.

  • This is from Dutch and Low German kork, from Spanish alcorque ‘cork-soled sandal’. The source elements are Arabic al- ‘the’ and (probably) Spanish Arabic kork based on Latin quercus ‘oak, cork oak’.

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Hay 2 definiciones de cork en inglés:

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Cork 2

Pronunciación: /kɔːk/
1A county of the Republic of Ireland, on the south coast in the province of Munster.
1.1The county town of Cork, a port on the River Lee; population 190,384 (2006).
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