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crazy Saltos de línea: crazy
Pronunciación: /ˈkreɪzi/

Definición de crazy en inglés:

adjetivo (crazier, craziest)

1Mad, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behaviour: Stella went crazy and assaulted a visitor a crazy look
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Everyone thought he went crazy, thought he was a madman.
  • About a year and a half after the marriage broke up, things started to get bad and I sort of lost it… I went crazy.
  • Though a sad, sick fan also went crazy and assaulted the referee.
British sectionable
British informal barmy, crackers, barking, barking mad, round the twist, off one's trolley, as daft as a brush, not the full shilling, one sandwich short of a picnic
Canadian & Australian/New Zealand informal bushed
New Zealand informal porangi
1.1Extremely angry: the noise was driving me crazy
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He was driving her crazy acting like a stubborn child.
  • It made me want to say, ‘Hey, Charlotte, you're driving him crazy, he's a man, give him a break.’
  • Joe decided that he had to get his hair cut while we were on vacation, because it was ‘too long,’ and therefore driving him crazy.
1.2Foolish: it was crazy to hope that good might come out of this mess
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • She laughed again, as if the concept was too crazy to grasp.
  • It seems totally crazy to have left a good job in NZ to come here to be together and then have to spend less time ‘together’ than we did when I lived in NZ.
  • Not for the first time, I'm wondering if I'm crazy to be here.
idiotic, stupid, foolish, foolhardy, unwise, imprudent, ill-conceived, silly, inane, puerile, infantile, fatuous, imbecilic, hare-brained, half-baked;
outrageous, wild, shocking, astonishing, monstrous;
unbelievable, incredible, unthinkable, implausible;
peculiar, odd, strange, queer, weird, eccentric, bizarre, fantastic, incongruous, grotesque
informal barmy, daft, potty, cock-eyed
US informal wackadoo, wackadoodle
2Extremely enthusiastic: I’m crazy about Cindy [in combination]: a football-crazy bunch of boys
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • And you were crazy about him, too, once, remember?
  • I like the melody of the acoustic guitar here, but I'm not crazy about the fact that it's acoustic guitar or that it's put with those other instruments.
  • No wonder some kids aren't so crazy about books.
very enthusiastic, passionate, fanatical, excited;
very keen on, enamoured of, infatuated with, smitten with, devoted to, fond of
informal wild, mad, nutty, nuts, potty, gone on
informal , dated sweet on
3(Of an angle) appearing absurdly out of place or unlikely: the monument leant at a crazy angle
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He considered this, but he stifled his reply when he caught sight of a seemingly ordinary pile of rock that rose at a crazy angle out of the ground.
  • That night, as I closed my eyes to try to sleep, all I could see was the bow of the central hull, pointing at a crazy angle going full-throttle down a wave and accelerating into a wall of water.
  • He attempted the almost impossible, trying to squeeze the ball in from a crazy angle when really the pass to an attacking colleague was the only option.
3.1 archaic (Of a ship or building) full of cracks or flaws; unsound.


[as submodifier] chiefly North American Volver al principio  
Extremely: I’ve been crazy busy
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The menu isn't crazy big and I'm assuming the business is on the new side.
  • I love their footwear range too, the designs are crazy cool.
  • The crazy high level of competition the Huskies have faced has, I fear, warped my view of the team.

sustantivo (plural crazies)

chiefly North American Volver al principio  
A mad person: keep that crazy away from me
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He had asked me to house-sit for him, which meant watering the lawn and making sure religious crazies and psycho vampire hunters didn't burn the place down while he was gone.
  • Fame has brought some unwanted attention: the crazies on the Internet now assail the site from time to time, sometimes with organized campaigns.
  • As an expatriate from the Great Lakes State (and someone born in mid-winter, which I like to think has something to do with it), I am one of those crazies who actually enjoy snowy winters.


Late 16th century (in sense 'full of cracks'): from craze + -y1.

  • The root here is the verb to craze (Late Middle English), which is now ‘to drive mad, send crazy’ or ‘to develop a network of small cracks’ but originally meant ‘to break in pieces, shatter’. So a crazy person has had their sanity shattered. Crazy formerly meant ‘broken, damaged’ and ‘frail, unwell, infirm’. See also daft


like crazy

To a great degree; very intensely: we are just working like crazy
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • For some reason, that set them both off once more and they started laughing like crazy.
  • It's not too funny now but I remember than we had laughed like crazy.
  • Colours can be safe, soft and muted, bold and bright or even clash like crazy as long as your wardrobe is new and tailored to your best look and shape.
energetically, enthusiastically, madly, with a will, for all one is worth, passionately, intensely, ardently, fervently
British informal , dated like billy-o
1.1In a very fast or unrestrained way: another driver, who was driving like crazy, ran him off the road
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Her jaw went slack for a moment, then she started smiling like crazy.
  • See I have a problem, on stage, alone, singing… my voice shakes like crazy.
  • In either case, his girl is standing there in front of him, moving around like crazy, just being smolderingly sexy.

Palabras que riman con crazy

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