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Pronunciación: /dɑːt/


1A small pointed missile that can be thrown or fired: the classroom was littered with paper darts she shot the animal with a tranquillizing dart
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  • Research is also being carried out in England into the possible use of tasers, which fire darts connected to a wire that carries an electrical current powerful enough to incapacitate the target.
  • Taser guns fire two small darts, each trailing fine wires.
  • One drew a small blowgun and fired small, poisoned darts at them.
small arrow, flechette, bolt, shaft;
missile, projectile
literary reed
historical quarrel
1.1A small pointed missile with a feather or plastic flight, used in the game of darts: Jack’s first dart pierced the treble twenty
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  • Indeed, had he reversed the shafts and thrown flight first, the dart would still have buried itself to a depth of three inches: the dartboard never stood a chance.
  • Third dart, I concentrated, gazed down that corridor of space separating the tip of my dart from the treble 20.
  • This more often than not meant most of their games resulted in a tortuous struggle to plant a dart in Double One.
1.2 Zoology A dart-like calcareous organ of a snail forming part of the reproductive system, exchanged during copulation.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • We found that snails that shot darts effectively had a reproductive advantage over snails that shot poorly.
  • Successful dart shooters father more babies than do snails that miss with their darts.
  • But it turns out that snails don't incorporate the calcium in the dart into their bodies.
2An act of running somewhere suddenly and rapidly: the cat made a dart for the door
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Brian Flanagan made a dart for the pavilion end from a ruck, and found the sharp Bernard Behan on his right and the out-half left the cover standing.
  • Again the alert Connor was in the thick of things as he made a dart for the line, only to be blocked a couple of paces short of the target.
  • Nothing much looked on when centre Aaron Moule made a dart for the right-hand corner but somehow he reached out to plant the ball.
dash, rush, run, bolt, break, charge, race, sprint, bound, spring, leap, jump, lunge, pounce, dive, swoop, gallop, scurry, scamper, stampede, scramble, start, flight
dash, rush, tear, run, bolt, fly, flash, shoot, charge, race, sprint, bound, spring, leap, jump, lunge, dive, swoop, gallop, scurry, scamper, stampede, scramble, break, start
informal scoot
2.1A sudden, intense pang of a particular emotion: a dart of panic
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  • Her whole nature seemed sharpened and intensified into a pure dart of hate.
  • In those usually confident and bright eyes, there was a flickering dart of fear and fury.
  • We could say, in a Platonic sense, that the dart of nostalgia hits man, wounds him, and precisely in this way puts wings on him, lifts him upwards.
3A tapered tuck stitched in a garment in order to shape it: stitch collarband on to neck edge and stitch darts
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  • Beginning at the dart point, stitch to the dart cut end; backstitch and clip the threads.
  • Once you understand the role of darts in shaping a garment, you will be glad to have them in all your clothing.
  • Avoid surface manipulations such as gathers, pleats, tucks and darts.


1 [no object, with adverbial of direction] Move or run somewhere suddenly or rapidly: she darted across the street
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  • Zem and the women ran out into the streets, darting between people moving slowly in the opposite direction.
  • She watched how Keldan moved, darting from one piece of cover to the next, doubtless to deny his target a chance to use a ranged weapon.
  • I don't really work out, but I do like to move, and I dart up the subway stairs effortlessly now because my body feels good.
1.1 [with object and adverbial of direction] Cast (a look or one’s eyes) suddenly and rapidly in a particular direction: she darted a glance across the table
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Kate, Madeline's ladysmaid, floated around not really doing anything and occasionally darting angry looks in my direction.
  • You walked towards me, smiling and darting your eyes in all directions.
  • My gaze drifted past a familiar head of blond hair and I immediately darted my eyes back in his direction.
direct, cast, throw, shoot, send, fling, toss, flash, bestow, give
2 [with object] Shoot (an animal) with a dart, typically in order to administer a drug: he darted the leopard with a long-acting anaesthetic
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I was supposed to be darting Sable antelope in Africa.
  • We often dart the lions so we can take blood samples or tissue samples, and this definitely the most exciting experience.
  • The darting methods and the drugs used to dart the animals has advanced quite a lot.
2.1 archaic Throw (a missile): he darted his fierce iron
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  • He darted a spear at his enemy.


Middle English: from Old French, accusative of darz, dars, from a West Germanic word meaning 'spear, lance'.

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