Hay 2 definiciones de demo en inglés:

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demo 1

Pronunciación: /ˈdɛməʊ/

sustantivo (plural demos)

1A demonstration of a product or technique: a cookery demo
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  • This CD includes tools, presentations, and demos of the latest computer forensics software
  • This service makes it super simple to provide online training, do software demos, and even make complete sales presentations.
  • Don't worry if you don't know the rules for these solitaire games because the rules are all included, plus you can watch a demo game played by the computer.
1.1A version of something such as computer software produced to demonstrate its capabilities or for use as a trial: there is a demo to try before you buy
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  • Check out the site to see all the new features, and download a time-limited demo.
  • My advice to anyone who is interested in purchasing this game is to download the demo, and try it.
  • We should also be releasing a multiplayer demo very close to release.
1.2A recording made to demonstrate the capabilities of a musical group or performer or as preparation for a full recording: we recorded a three-song demo [as modifier]: a demo track
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  • We also get to hear the original demo recording of the title song.
  • We went in with him one weekend to record some demos.
  • Disc two is a compilation of unreleased studio tracks, live cuts and demos.
2chiefly British A public meeting or march protesting against something or expressing views on a political issue: a peace demo
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  • But because of the foot and mouth crisis, the Whitby-based peace campaigners organising the demo switched venues to Whitby town centre bandstand.
  • A bunch of us are going to the London peace demo on Sunday.
  • I mean, how many demos do you go on these days where a majority of the marchers are in their late teens or early 20s and whose aims are to defend ‘science, reasoned debate and the welfare of mankind’, no less?

verbo (demos, demoing, demoed)

[with object]
1Record (a song or piece of music) to demonstrate the capabilities of a musical group or performer or as preparation for a full recording: they’ve already demoed twelve new songs
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  • The song was demoed and we began to pitch it to producers and record companies.
  • The final track listing features songs which, having previously been demoed, were each recorded in the span of a single day.
  • The process we go through is to start demoing songs in our rehearsal space, and then kind of cut them down - we look back and realize which parts definitely don't make the cut.
2Demonstrate the capabilities of (software or another product): Apple is expected to demo the newest version of its mobile operating system at the conference next week
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  • Why don't you follow me through to the testing area we have set up for you and you can demo your software to us.
  • Almost every memory maker at the show demoed some solutions for notebooks.
  • The company has also demoed a 25-tooth cantilever, arranged as a five-by-five array.
2.1Test (software or another product), typically with a view to a future purchase: if you want to demo the app first, a free download is also available for you to test out
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  • We demoed a lot of hard disk systems - we looked at the RADAR, the Mackie, Tascam.
  • Understudy can be downloaded and demoed free for 30 days, during which time technical support via e-mail is also free.
  • Each CD-ROM allows the user to demo the software a maximum of ten times.


Early 20th century: abbreviation of demonstration and demonstrate.

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Hay 2 definiciones de demo en inglés:

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demo 2

Pronunciación: /ˈdɛməʊ/

sustantivo (plural demos)

US informal
Short for demographic. both channels managed to maintain ratings among young male demos
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  • We've added a number of younger columnists to our mix - and not because some advertiser demanded younger demos!
  • While their films consistently aim at the 12 year-old boy demo, this takes it to a lower level entirely.
  • Woodbridge is priced around $7.99, while Coastal hovers around $9-$12 and aims for a younger demo.
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