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Pronunciación: /dɪˈvɛləp/

verbo (develops, developing, developed)

1Grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate: [no object]: motion pictures were to develop into mass entertainment (as adjective developing) this is a rapidly developing field [with object]: enabling individuals to develop their personal skills
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  • Eventually as the tree matures, it will develop into a fine spreading type.
  • But how many have developed into mature teachers of the type described above?
  • The lads responded and a motley crew matured and developed into a squad to be proud of.
grow, evolve, mature, expand, enlarge, spread, advance, progress, prosper, succeed, thrive, get on well, flourish, blossom, bloom, burgeon, make headway, be successful
informal go great guns
undertake, embark on
1.1 [no object] (often as adjective developing) (Of a poor agricultural country) become more economically and socially advanced: the developing world
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  • I cannot help but wonder why even as the country developed economically, the peasants are not receiving any benefits?
  • Any effort to help poor countries develop should start by making them aware of the importance of trade and integration.
  • As poorer countries develop and stabilise, our security will improve and our own economy grow through increased trading opportunities.
1.2 [with object] Convert (land) to a new purpose by constructing buildings or making other use of its resources: plans to develop the area
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  • Richmond council's plans to develop land in and around Crane Valley has been left in shreds by the government inspector.
  • The public of Bradford need to know the true facts regarding plans to develop the land at West Bowling Golf Club.
  • Locally, he was involved in the Walton Green Inquiry, organising an appeal against a council decision to develop the land in the area.
1.3Construct or convert (a building) so as to improve existing resources: the company developed a chain of hotels
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  • The AA said the award reflects the hotel group's ‘outstanding commitment to improving and developing their hotels’.
  • Work is underway at this stage on improving and developing facilities at Ballyduff GAA grounds, Kildermody.
  • Such interest has seen many hotel chains develop their facilities.
1.4 [with object] Elaborate (a musical theme) by modification of the melody, harmony, or rhythm: the piano develops the melody into a short cadenza
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  • It is not shaped and limited by words and it gives Menotti a chance to develop his musical themes instead of just moving from one to another.
  • A lengthy Allegro moderato develops the themes rather well although one cannot claim that we are re-discovering a masterpiece.
  • Maid Of Gold and Things Told only reinforce the atmospheric canvas of this album, simply developing the melodies and soundscapes to reassess their compositions.
expand, enlarge, add to, flesh out, supplement, reinforce, augment, extend, broaden, fill out, embellish, enhance, elaborate, amplify, refine, improve, polish, perfect
2Start to exist, experience, or possess: [no object]: a strange closeness developed [with object]: I developed an interest in law call the doctor if your child develops a rash
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  • For some patients, the experience of developing a chronic illness may mean they are unable to function in the role that their doctor expects.
  • The urge develops because past pleasurable experience and related benefits from the substance or activity are expected to reoccur on the next occasion.
  • After that he began to develop an interest in cosmetics.
come into being, come about, start, begin, be born, come into existence, appear, arrive, come forth, emerge, erupt, burst out, arise, originate, break, unfold, crop up, follow, happen, result, ensue, break out
formal commence
fall ill with, be taken ill with, be struck down with, be stricken with, succumb to;
contract, catch, get, pick up, come down with, become infected with;
British  go down with
informal take ill with
North American informal take sick with
3 [with object] Treat (a photographic film) with chemicals to make a visible image: she came to get the film developed (as adjective developing) a developing tank
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  • They have interviewed a woman from the audience of the BBC1 programme Question Time who claimed to have seen the images while developing a film at a photographic laboratory.
  • Once an exposure is made the paper or film is developed to produce an image.
  • Images of film that has been developed are captured by image sensing.
4 [with object] Chess Bring (a piece) into play from its initial position on a player’s back rank: he preferred to develop his bishop on e7
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  • Black breaks the pin caused by White's dark-squared Bishop while developing a piece and preparing to castle.
  • Black's pawns point towards the queenside, where he enjoys more space and has developed his pieces.
  • This develops a piece, adds to White's control over d5, gets a step closer to castling, and also takes aim at the Black King.


Mid 17th century (in the sense 'unfold, unfurl'): from French développer, based on Latin dis- 'un-' + a second element of unknown origin found also in envelop.

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