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adjetivo (dimmer, dimmest)

  • 3 informal Stupid or slow to understand: you’re just incredibly dim
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    • No less worrisome, therefore, is the fact that the networks that own so many of these stations are too dim to understand this fact.
    • It was generally accepted that he either wanted a nuclear war or was too dim to understand the consequences.
    • I try convincing a couple of girls driving in to back out and go back in again, but they are too dim to understand.

verbo (dims, dimming, dimmed)

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  • 1Make or become less bright or distinct: [with object]: a smoky inferno that dimmed the sun [no object]: the lights dimmed and the curtains parted
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    • The bright lights dimmed, the piano's final note died down, and it was over.
    • As the star got larger and larger and almost unbearably bright, the light started to dim, fading away behind them.
    • When you come through the front door the lights have dimmed, the curtains closed and music is playing to welcome you home.
    grow faint, grow feeble, grow dim, fade, dullgrow dark, darken, blacken, cloud over, become overcast, grow leaden, lour, become gloomy
  • 1.1 [with object] Lower the beam of (a vehicle’s headlights) to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers: (as adjective dimmed) the car moved slowly, its headlights dimmed
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    • This year, it plans to introduce automatic dimming headlights.
    • They didn't dim their lights; hardly any driver that passed by dimmed his lights.
    • Its headlights dimmed down, shutting off, and the driver guided the vehicle ahead.
    turn down, lower, dip; make dim, make faint, make less bright, make less intense, soften, subdue, mute
    literary bedim
  • 1.2Make or become less intense: [with object]: the difficulty in sleeping couldn’t dim her happiness
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    • Conversely, after the Chinese intervention, support declined, based on dimming prospects for gains beyond the status quo.
    • You've allowed the passage of time to dim the intensity of the moment and your rational faculty to devalue what is no longer integral to your life.
    • The impact of a year of low-intensity warfare on public opinion on both sides of the divide has further dimmed the prospects for peace.
    fade, become vague, become indistinct, grow dim, blur, become blurred, become shadowy, become confused; dull, numb, fail, disappear
  • 1.3Make or become less able to see clearly: [no object]: his eyes dimmed
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    • His sight was dimming and his hearing had nearly disappeared.
    • Jonathon's sight was dimming; it was swimming in blood and useless tears.
    • If one continues to look at it, one's sight becomes dazzled and dimmed, so it is preferable to look at its image in water and avoid a direct look at it, because the intensity of its rays is thereby reduced.


take a dim view of

Regard with disapproval.
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  • If information is received and no action is taken the force would take a dim view of that.
  • Residents view street cleaning as a fundamental job of their council, and will take a dim view of any further deterioration of the service.
  • As a former chairman I would take a dim view of not being allowed into a dressing room.



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  • I'm dimly aware that this is vaguely shameful, but I really only have one thing on my mind.
  • One night, four men tumbled into the stall, dimly lit by a flickering oil lamp.
  • Did my father dimly perceive this when he took us on those detours?


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  • Using dimmable ballasts that listen for control signals coming through existing power wiring, light levels are controlled by a power-line-carrier system.
  • Newer ones last longer, are dimmable, and have a warmer-toned light, choose one that uses an electronic ballast: It won't have the inherent hum of the old magnetic ballasts.
  • In the ‘best’ example, zoning permits users to separate the lights over the table, which are dimmable, from the lights around the room's perimeter.


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  • From the dimmish light of the hallway, I opened my room's door to a small entryway and admired the hardwood floors.
  • Notably, you'd not want to use it dimmish light, when people are moving quickly, without flash.


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  • See an eye care professional if you have any loss or dimness of vision, pain, fluid coming from the eye, double vision, redness, or swelling.
  • What the dimness suggests here is the fading of one age and the approach of a new one, a cultural agon crystallized in these two men.
  • We hurried a few steps down the hall, then stopped, our eyes adjusting to the dimness.


Old English dim, dimm, of Germanic origin; related to German dialect timmer.

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