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1The name of a family of US politicians.
1.1 Bob ( 1923-); full name Robert Joseph Dole. He was a Republican US senator from Kansas 1969–96 and was defeated by Bill Clinton in the 1996 presidential election.
1.2 Elizabeth Hanford ( 1936-), Bob’s wife; North Carolina’s first female US senator 2003–09. She served as US secretary of transportation 1983–87 and US secretary of labor 1989–90 before heading the American Red Cross 1991–99. In 1999, she made an unsuccessful bid for the 2000 Republican presidential nomination.

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Hay 3 definiciones de Dole en inglés:


Saltos de línea: dole
Pronunciación: /dəʊl


1 [mass noun] (usually the dole) British informal Benefit paid by the state to the unemployed: I was on the dole for three years [as modifier]: my next dole cheque
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  • His bank at home transfers his dole money to a local bank here.
  • Those people going on the dole would have otherwise been employed and off the dole.
  • She said: ‘If he had had that first dole cheque on time my son might be alive today.’
unemployment benefit, state benefit, government benefit, benefit, benefit payments, social security, social security payments, public assistance allowance, allowance, welfare, insurance money, grant;
financial assistance;
Scottish the buroo, the broo
1.1 [count noun] dated A charitable gift of food, clothes, or money: the customary dole was a tumblerful of rice
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  • Another institution of the municipality was the langarkhana, where money and grain doles were issued to the destitute once a week and clothes once a year.
  • Sometimes people feel insulted to get doles from jeans-clad English-speaking urbane rich-kids.
  • But his language mistakes were no barriers as kids and elders alike wanted to hear the man as he showered doles on them.
2 literary A person’s lot or destiny: death be his dole who worst maintains the strife


[with object] (dole something out) Volver al principio  
Distribute shares of something: the scanty portions of food doled out to them
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  • In most cases, the free passes are doled out even without asking.
  • On the other hand, you need a lot of dividend income for this tax break to stimulate your personal economy, and companies are stingy doling dividends out.
  • If landing rights were doled out by something resembling a market, this ‘help’ wouldn't be needed.
deal out, share out, mete out, divide up, allocate, allot, apportion, assign, distribute, dispense, hand out, give out, pass out, pass round, issue, disburse


Old English dāl 'division, portion, or share', of Germanic origin; related to deal1. The sense 'distribution of charitable gifts' dates from Middle English; the sense 'unemployment benefit' dates from the early 20th century.

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