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dominant Saltos de línea: dom¦in|ant
Pronunciación: /ˈdɒmɪnənt/

Definición de dominant en inglés:


1Having power and influence over others: they are now in an even more dominant position in the market
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  • He argues that historically the reaction of lesser states has been determined more by the potential power of the dominant state than by its actual behaviour or avowed intentions.
  • Geopolitics, history and common sense all indicate that a dominant power chooses its own policies without being influenced by the special wishes of others - however friendly.
  • His powerful and sometimes dominant influence on Austrian politics is a result of the refusal of the other official parties to seriously take him on.
presiding, ruling, governing, controlling, commanding, ascendant, supreme, authoritative, most influential, most powerful, superior
assertive, self-assured, self-possessed, authoritative, forceful, domineering, commanding, controlling, bullish
informal feisty, not backward in coming forward, pushy
rare pushful
1.1(Of a high place) overlooking others.
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  • Councillors heard the property was in a dominant position overlooking the Upper Green, and due to design details did not contribute favourably to the appearance of the conservation area.
  • ‘We own the dominant terrain in the area’.
  • When covering a region from dominant terrain, evacuate the force by establishing a series of perimeter posts.
1.2 Genetics Relating to or denoting heritable characteristics which are controlled by genes that are expressed in offspring even when inherited from only one parent: it is the dominant gene causing polydactyly the mutant allele is dominant to the wild type Often contrasted with recessive.
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  • One dominant suppressor was identified among the 112 suppressors characterized.
  • For simplicity, we assume that alleles are partially dominant and expressed in both sexes.
  • In contrast, a fully dominant modifier can never invade.
1.3 Ecology Denoting the predominant species in a plant (or animal) community: red spruce is a dominant species in many types of forest
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  • Fluctuations in the productivity of dominant plant species should also have a significant impact on complex food webs in forest ecosystems.
  • In an environment with moving sand, tolerance to partial burial seems to be a requisite for the dominant plant species.
  • Perennial woody plants are the dominant species in many ecosystems of the world and have significant ecological and economic importance.
1.4(In decision theory) denoting a choice that is at least as good as the alternatives in all circumstances, and better in some: holding back is here a dominant strategy
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  • Although the dominant strategy is to not donate, approximately 50% of the students donated.
  • They too concluded that non-invasive ventilation was a dominant strategy for severe exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • In game theoretic terms, this suggests that there is a dominant strategy that mechanistically pushes all parties to compete.


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1 Genetics A dominant trait or gene: this disorder is inherited as a dominant
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  • Instead selection causes the same increase in allele frequency in both dominants and recessives, at least early on when the fates of nearly all alleles are determined.
  • This suggested that the wirehair gene is a simple dominant because there was little chance the unrelated female was carrying a recessive wirehair gene.
  • Most are inherited as autosomal dominants, and death can be prevented by implantable cardioverter defibrillators.
1.1 Ecology A dominant species in a plant (or animal) community: oak is a long-established dominant
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  • In all years, the community dominants were species resilient to the stress of drawdowns, or good colonizers.
  • The presumed mechanism is the increase in biomass with fertility, and the resulting rise in competition intensity, which leads to the replacement of smaller and more-slow growing plant species by tall canopy-forming dominants.
  • In the concessions model of reproductive transactions, dominants are assumed to have complete control over reproduction and group membership.
2 Music The fifth note of the diatonic scale of any key, or the key based on this, considered in relation to the key of the tonic.
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  • At the end of this deeply thought-provoking work, then, one is left wondering whether the tonic is E and the dominant B, or the tonic B with dominants D, F and G#.
  • So, as he informs us, his tonal process is principally governed by what he describes as tonics and dominants.
  • The sonata form, and its gripping epic of migration from the tonic to the dominant and then back again, is an archetype of this.


Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Its brightly coloured domes, apparently built to resemble St Basil's in Moscow, are unusual for a city of dominantly European architecture and are therefore a striking landmark.
  • The reason the farmers appear so dominantly in our observations is 70 per cent of the water that's used in Australia is in rural areas.
  • Weekly staff meetings are dominantly developmental in focus.


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin dominant- 'ruling, governing', from the verb dominari (see dominate).

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