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Pronunciación: /dʌn/


past participle of do1.


1(Of food) cooked thoroughly: the turkey will be done to a turn
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  • Drain each batch as it is done and eat whilst cooking the next batch.
  • Curl up in front of the TV with your own bowl of this much-loved comfort food favourite, done my way.
  • If food is not done when you take it out of the oven you can always return it to the oven for additional time.
cooked, ready, cooked through, tender, crisp, browned
2No longer happening or existing: her hunting days were done
over, at an end, finished, ended, concluded, terminated, no more, extinct, dead, run, gone, dead and gone, dead and buried, forgotten, over and done with, a thing of the past, in the past, ancient history
3British informal Socially acceptable: therapy was not the done thing then
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  • It is not the done thing to listen to music through headphones.
  • He has worked in the media for more than twenty years, and he knows, or should know, the way the world is now and what is not the done thing.
  • He's assured me that it's not the done thing to drink at lunchtime these days, but I'm not so sure.
proper, seemly, decorous, decent, respectable, right, correct, in order, suitable, fit, fitting, befitting, appropriate, apt;
conventional, approved, accepted, acceptable, standard, usual, customary, traditional, orthodox;
the done thing;
French comme il faut
informal OK


Used to indicate that the speaker accepts the terms of an offer: ‘I’ll give ten to one he misses by a mile!’ called Reilly. ‘Done!’, said the conductor
agreed, settled, all right, very well, that's a bargain, accepted, right
informal you're on, OK, okay, oke, okey-dokey, okey-doke
British informal righto, righty-ho



a done deal

An agreement that has been finalized: although a few details still had to be worked out, the settlement was a done deal
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  • We are assuming it's a done deal, in the way they're talking and presenting their plans.
  • Even now, when the cat is out of the bag, they still want to brush aside reasoned argument and hide the project from public scrutiny until it's a done deal.
  • Also we were told that it was a done deal, although it was only a plan at that stage and consultation was to take place.

done for

informal In a situation so bad that it is impossible to get out: if the guard sees us, we’re done for
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  • At the end of the fifth book about the schoolboy spy, we thought our young hero was done for.
  • We thought it was done for but then after much jumping up and down and sand throwing we unbeached it.
ruined, finished, destroyed, broken, wrecked, undone, doomed, lost, defeated, beaten, foiled, frustrated, thwarted
informal toast, washed-up

done in (or up)

informal Extremely tired: you look done in
worn out, exhausted, fatigued, tired, tired out, weary, wearied, strained, drained, worn, sapped, spent, washed out, on one's last legs
informal worn to a frazzle, done, all in, dog-tired, dead on one's feet, dead beat, fit to drop, played out, fagged out, shattered, bushed
British informal knackered, whacked
North American informal pooped, tuckered out



informalsense 1 of the adjective. check the meat for doneness during the last 20 minutes of cooking
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In the box below is a guide to other cuts and degrees of doneness.
  • Check meat for doneness with an instant-read meat thermometer.
  • Unwrap a corner and check for doneness (it will depend, in part, on how hot your barbecue is and the type of potato you've used).

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