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Saltos de línea: dump
Pronunciación: /dʌmp


  • 1A site for depositing rubbish.
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    • Putting a halting site beside a dump was unfair in the first place.
    • Most of the taxis outside the entrance doors look as if they were salvaged from a rubbish dump, and the Air-Conditioning is usually long gone.
    • Some harbour board members fear that it will be in the area of the Deep Water Quay, coming through the site of the old dump.
    rubbish tip, rubbish dump, refuse dump, rubbish heap, refuse heap, tip, dumping ground, dustheap, slag heap, midden, dunghill, dung heap; British scrapyard; North American junkyard, nuisance grounds
  • 1.1A heap of rubbish left at a dump.
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    • The sons bring in some additional income, by looking for scrap metal on rubbish tips and scrap heaps or by digging coal from waste dumps and spoil heaps.
  • 1.2 [usually with modifier] A place where a particular kind of waste, especially dangerous waste, is left: a nuclear waste dump
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    • Is it likely that Australia's going to need a high level waste dump as well?
    • Let me tell you, there's a reason that the mutant monsters in horror films generally come from one of two places, a nuclear waste dump or a sewer.
    • Some MPs also support a nuclear waste dump in the State.
  • 1.3A place where weapons and other military equipment is stored: an ammunitions dump
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    • Details of the locations of munitions dump sites are readily available.
    • Whenever we saw an anti-aircraft battery or munitions dump, we took it out.
    • As a German possession during both world wars, it was an important naval base and munitions dump.
  • 2 informal An unpleasant or dreary place: why are you living in a dump like this?
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    • Ricky was the manager, or boss, of this dump of a convenient store.
    • Someday, she'd own her own store but until then she was stuck working in this dump.
    • I refrain from saying anything but I'm surprised anyone could be protective of this dump.
    hovel, shack, slum, shanty, mess
    informal hole, pigsty
  • 3 Computing An act of copying stored data to a different location, performed typically as a protection against loss.
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    • Attempts to track keystrokes and transfer graphics buffer memory contents are bypassed, he said, and it will be a lot more difficult to find critical data from main memory dumps.
    • Sure, they don't do physical memory dumps (and as such don't allow you do undo things that were only performed in memory in the first place), but that's what Hibernate is for.
    • The idea is that eventually we'll max out the AI's storage space, forcing it to do a memory dump.
  • 3.1A printout or list of the contents of a computer’s memory, occurring typically after a system failure.
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    • It is worth noting that IMAP is a text-based protocol, so a simple ASCII dump of the packet contents is an appropriate way to show them.
    • Trouble is, the raw dump consists entirely of memory addresses.
    • Instead of file system dumps, this data set contained specific file system information such as changed files, inode information, and important log files.
  • 4 informal An act of defecation.
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    • They stage stunts in which, in but one example, they take a dump in a toilet on display in a hardware store.
    • I sure don't want to lug my computer into the bathroom while I take a dump and read…
    • Or is that just for us regular folk who don't drink champagne for breakfast and take dumps on solid gold toilets?


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  • 2 Computing Copy (stored data) to a different location, especially so as to protect against loss.
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    • After a set amount of time, if power is not yet restored, the system will dump data from the cache to the attached RAID systems.
    • It will do this automatically, and its data will be dumped onto a public website where anyone can access it.
    • Now's your chance to dump some of those really large cached files.
  • 2.1Print out or list the contents of (a store), especially after a system failure.
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    • The last parameters mean the filesystem should not be dumped and checked in the second order.

Verbos con partícula

dump on

North American informal Criticize or abuse (someone); treat badly: you get dumped on just because of your name
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  • Would you blatantly bash anyone the way you dump on yourself?
  • Anyway, I apologize if I was dumping on Comic Book Resources.
  • I just want to say one thing, Larry, about the stewardess who has been dumped on tonight.


Middle English: perhaps from Old Norse; related to Danish dumpe and Norwegian dumpa 'fall suddenly' (the original sense in English); in later use partly imitative; compare with thump.

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