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Pronunciación: /ɪˈdʒakjʊleɪt/
1 [no object] (Of a man or male animal) eject semen from the body at the moment of sexual climax.
emit semen;
climax, have an orgasm, orgasm
informal come, shoot one's load
2 [with direct speech] dated Say something quickly and suddenly: ‘That will do!’ he ejaculated
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • ‘Gratitude!’ he ejaculated; and added wildly - ‘Jane, accept me quickly. Say, Edward - give me my name - Edward - I will marry you.’
  • ‘Hermione,’ he ejaculated loudly, his voice cracking, ‘I love you.’
  • ‘Silly fellow,’ she ejaculated. ‘It's only a momentary pain.’
exclaim, cry out, call out, yell, sing out, utter suddenly, blurt out;
burst out with, come out with


Pronunciación: /ɪˈdʒakjʊlət/
[mass noun]
Semen that has been ejected from the body: this fluid comprises between ten and 20 per cent of the total ejaculate [count noun]: there are an estimated 300 million sperms in each ejaculate



Pronunciación: /ɪˈdʒakjʊleɪtə/


Pronunciación: /ɪˈdʒakjʊleɪtəri/


Late 16th century: from Latin ejaculat- 'darted out', from the verb ejaculari, from e- (variant of ex-) 'out' + jaculari 'to dart' (from jaculum 'dart, javelin', from jacere 'to throw').

  • jet from late 16th century:

    The name jet for a hard black semi-precious mineral comes ultimately from the Greek word gagatēs ‘from Gagai’, a town in Asia Minor. When we refer to a jet of water or gas, or a jet aircraft, we are using a quite different word. It comes from a late 16th-century verb meaning ‘to jut out’, from French jeter ‘to throw’, which goes back to the Latin jacere ‘to throw’. Jut (mid 16th century) is a variant of jet in this sense. Jacere is found in a large number of English words including abject (Late Middle English) literally ‘thrown away’; conjecture (Late Middle English) ‘throw together’; deject (Late Middle English) ‘thrown down’; ejaculate (late 16th century) from jaculum ‘dart, something thrown’; eject (Late Middle English) ‘throw out’; inject (late 16th century) ‘throw in’; jetty (Late Middle English) something thrown out into the water; project (Late Middle English) ‘throw forth’; subject (Middle English) ‘thrown under’; trajectory (late 17th century) ‘something thrown across’. Especially if you use budget airlines, air travel today is far from glamorous, but in the 1950s the idea of flying abroad by jet aircraft was new and sophisticated. At the start of that decade people who flew for pleasure came to be known as the jet set.

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