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Pronunciación: /ɪˈvɛnt/


1A thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance: the momentous political events of the late 1980s
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  • It was simply bad luck that it pulled out, and even worse luck that such a rare event happens when I am on the boat.
  • They have also listened to the views of others - sometimes a rare event in local government.
  • It really is a rare event that one email can have our headquarters having a joint chuckle.
1.1A planned public or social occasion: staff have been holding a number of events to raise money for charity
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  • She will also find it very awkward to have to attend public and social events without her husband.
  • It is boycotting the event to raise public awareness at what it sees are the project's flaws.
  • A host of festive events is planned for the city centre over the coming weeks.
occurrence, happening, proceeding, episode, incident, affair, circumstance, occasion, business, matter, experience, eventuality, phenomenon;
function, gathering, get-together, jamboree
informal bash, do, jolly, shindig, shindy
1.2Each of several particular contests making up a sports competition: he repeated the success in the four-lap, 600 cc event
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  • There are other sporting events that honour their champions with unique apparel.
  • When you talk about the death of people at a sporting event, the sport itself passes into the background.
  • It is feared that low-flying seagulls could disrupt events such as beach volleyball.
competition, contest, tournament, round, heat, game, match, fixture, meet, meeting, encounter;
race, bout, fight;
play-off, replay, rematch;
British  clash;
Canadian & Scottish  playdown;
North American  split
informal, dated mill
archaic tourney
1.3 Physics A single occurrence of a process, e.g. the ionization of one atom.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In the lower graph the current scale is amplified so that single channel events can be distinguished.
  • The aim of induction is to find series of events whose frequency of occurrence converges toward a limit.
  • Consider our passage through time as riding the shockwave of the bang event.



after the event

Following a particular occurrence (typically with the implication of being too late): it is much better to stop the crime rather than having police chasing felons after the event I knew nothing about it until after the event [as modifier]: an after-the-event internal investigation
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  • It is much better to stop the crime happening, rather than having police chasing felons after the event, don't you think?
  • One ought not to attach historic truth to a term that was created after the event.
  • It has only been strongly voiced after the event, when it was deemed politically acceptable.

in any event

(or at all events)
Whatever happens or may have happened: in any event, I was not in a position to undertake such a task
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  • The system of appointments is, in any event, in need of fundamental reform.
  • But in any event, it still might be helpful to have access to independent advice.
  • It was, in any event, a cross party issue and one that united rural people all over the country.
regardless, regardless of what happens, whatever happens, come what may, no matter what, at any rate, in any case, anyhow, anyway, even so, still, nevertheless, nonetheless
informal still and all
North American informal anyways
archaic howbeit, natheless

in the event

As it turns (or turned) out: he was sent on this important and, in the event, quite fruitless mission
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  • The prophesied cuts in services turned out, in the event, to be incorrect.
  • His money talked rather more eloquently, in the event, than he ever did.
  • I am happy to report that, in the event, the warm-up exercise worked rather well.
as it turned out, as it happened, in the end;
as the outcome, as a result, as a consequence, as an effect

in the event of ——

If —— happens: this will reduce the chance of serious injury in the event of an accident
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  • A significant number would also increase the risk of injury to children in the event of an accident.
  • As was stated on the ticket, a draw would take place in the event of more than one winner.
  • The car's pedals will also de-couple in the event of a crash to prevent injuries to the feet and lower legs.

in the event that

If; should it happen that: he planned to start a business, in the event that he lost his job
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  • Parking is not currently an issue for the museum, although in the event that there is an expansion it could become an issue.
  • I believe that each dancer probably has a reserve of fans that don't normally vote except in the event that there is a danger of being kicked out.
  • We are confused about how to handle the issue of which child should run the family business in the event that we were to die before they reach adulthood.

in that event

If that happens: in that event, the US would incline toward a lifting of the arms embargo
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  • Council tax would increase by £75 in that event, says the County Councils Network which clearly favours giant unitary counties if re-organisation went ahead.
  • Specific proposals regarding sugar will not be presented by the commission before next June and, in that event, the most that will happen in the presidency is a first exchange of views.
  • Business can fail if adequate financial provisions are not in place to furnish a ready supply of cash, in that event, or if a key player in the business dies, leaving dependants.



Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Today was a pretty eventless day - I woke late, and hit the road almost immediately - a club meeting, a pedicure and a visit to the University campus behind me and the work ahead of me and I am exhausted and the night has only just begun.
  • But my little bit of eavesdropping for the day certainly brought some light and joy into an otherwise eventless day that brought its own frustration of having to deal with people who are not so nice.
  • We were headed for an eventless evening, or so it appeared.




Late 16th century: from Latin eventus, from evenire 'result, happen', from e- (variant of ex-) 'out of' + venire 'come'.

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