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Pronunciación: /ˌiːvəˈluːʃ(ə)n/


[mass noun]
1The process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Most do believe that evolution works by natural selection on changes in organisms due to random changes in their DNA, and the evidence for this is overwhelming.
  • Therefore, we are supposed to believe that Darwinian evolution is a reality within which all valid science is complementarily interwoven?
  • Evolutionists do not question evolution because they already believe it as a fact.

The idea of organic evolution was proposed by some ancient Greek thinkers but was long rejected in Europe as contrary to the literal interpretation of the Bible. Lamarck proposed a theory that organisms became transformed by their efforts to respond to the demands of their environment. Lyell demonstrated that geological deposits were the cumulative product of slow processes over vast ages. This helped Darwin towards a theory of gradual evolution over a long period by the natural selection of those varieties of an organism slightly better adapted to the environment and hence more likely to produce descendants. Combined with the later discoveries of the cellular and molecular basis of genetics, Darwin’s theory of evolution has, with some modification, become the dominant unifying concept of modern biology.

2The gradual development of something: the forms of written languages undergo constant evolution
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  • Here too there might be an ontological clue to the development or evolution of language.
  • First, it recognizes gradual evolution of both language and music.
  • Differences between us and the Sumerians (or Egyptians, or Mayans, or whatever) can be explained through gradual evolution of language and culture.
3 Chemistry The giving off of a gaseous product, or of heat: the evolution of oxygen occurs rapidly in this process
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  • The flash photolysis technique can be used to determine the time of evolution of the products of photodegradation.
  • In the past, the evolution of sulfur dioxide from roasting facilities was a major cause of acid rain, but most sulfur dioxide is now captured and used to make sulfuric acid.
  • With different mutants a correlation between the total amount of synthesized carotenoids and photosynthetic oxygen evolution was observed.
4 [count noun] A pattern of movements or manoeuvres: flocks of waders often perform aerial evolutions
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  • Many commanders either could not trust their troops to perform the complex evolutions required or failed to locate the enemy in time to deploy.
  • Even on a conventional battlefield, conducting a successful relief in place is among the more demanding of military evolutions.
  • They need to perform evolutions such as breaking contact on different live-fire ranges and in varying terrain types.
5 Mathematics , dated The extraction of a root from a given quantity.



Oraciones de ejemplo
  • But it is much more evolutional than transformational - and it is not necessarily the solution for tomorrow's threats.
  • Strange how at the same time, creationism is being pushed over evolutional theory in schools.
  • A group of individuals with any rate of asexuality (excluding perfect asexuality) constitutes a reproductive community, i.e., Mendelian population, and should have a particular genetic or evolutional structure of its own.


Oraciones de ejemplo
  • It is likely that hot pepper has another NiR gene that is evolutionally closer to nii1 and nii3, and that Solanaceae species possess leaf and root NiR genes like nii1 and nii3 and like nii2 and nii4, respectively, in tobacco.
  • Calmodulin, CaM kinase, and CDPK may be evolutionally related (Zhang and Choi 2001; fig. 5 - A, A-S).
  • It's what's called an ‘evolutionally stable’ strategy.


Pronunciación: /iːˈvɒljuːtɪv/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The transposition is opposed to several other evolutive constraints: deletion (loss of copies), selection, and regulation (decrease of the transposition rate when the copy number increases).
  • Terrestrial animals have elaborated a different evolutive solution: symbiotic relationships with bacteria, protists, and fungi which carry out these activities in their own interests.
  • It may well be that they followed a different evolutive path before the appearance of theropod dinosaurs because by the time theropod dinosaurs had feathers and some even flew, true birds were already present.


Early 17th century: from Latin evolutio(n-) 'unrolling', from the verb evolvere (see evolve). Early senses related to movement, first recorded in describing a ‘wheeling’ manoeuvre in the realignment of troops or ships. Current senses stem from a notion of ‘opening out’, giving rise to the sense 'development'.

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