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  • 1A thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham: fakes of Old Masters
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    • Most of us are aware that there are such things as fakes, forgeries, copies and reproductions.
    • In addition to finding counterfeits, fakes and forgeries, they also find individuals using artists' names to generate sales.
    • The obscenely high price of mahogany woods and precious metals prevented counterfeiters from producing fakes, the profit of such operations being next to nil.
  • 1.1A person who falsely claims to be something: I felt sure that some of the nuns were fakes
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    • Many thought that he was a fake, merely claiming to be the prince to gain power.
    • I am sad when I think of the original Santaji, they must have killed him or kidnapped him or hidden him somewhere and all of these fakes are going around claiming to be him.
    • She was immediately labelled a fake, but Lavigne never claimed to be a pop rebel - she was just an ordinary girl from Napanee, Ontario.


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  • 1Forge or counterfeit (something): she faked her spouse’s signature
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    • Designed when the Net was small, they allow spammers to cover their tracks by forging headers, faking domain names, and bouncing e-mails off servers across the globe.
    • Chinese counterfeiters, in one instance, have faked an American company's entire product line, right down to its Web site.
    • I'm tired of explaining myself, of being told I'm this, I'm that, faking a persona, assuming another name, another identity.
    forge, counterfeit, falsify, sham, feign, mock up, copy, reproduce, replicate; doctor, alter, tamper with, tinker with
    informal pirate
    British informal fiddle (with)
  • 1.1Pretend to feel or have (an emotion, illness, or injury): Rob faked suspicion, a jealous concern
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    • It was always about pretending, and faking, and concealing feelings.
    • Turkey is outraged as a top player faces £1,000 fine for faking injury.
    • There are clearly ways in which the law could be tightened to prevent offenders, at least within Australia, from making a joke of the criminal justice system by faking or exaggerating illness.
    feigned, faked, put-on, assumed, improvised, invented, affected, pseudo, insincere, unconvincing, artificial, imitation, mock, sham
    informal phoney, pseud, pretend
    British informal cod
  • 1.2Make (an event) appear to happen: he faked his own death
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    • Jim had faked his death by appearing to drown off the coast of Miami, knowing his death would be reported and that his wife would make a claim on his life assurance policy.
    • The second features how-to instructions for faking one's death using various roots & berries.
    • Only his death will be faked, and word will be sent that he died at the claws of a vicious sand dragon!
  • 1.3 (fake someone out) North American informal Trick or deceive someone.
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    • Then he opens his empty hand and smiles at me, and I say, ‘You faked me out!’
    • He may be able to fake you out to some extent, but there's no way he could know all the details.
    • He always had a habit of going down on one knee to block shots, so I thought I could fake him out of position.



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  • For years fakers and charlatans have cheated the gullible out of their money.
  • We get to live the life of someone with special powers; it is presented as just another occupation, although with a higher than normal quota of charlatans and fakers.
  • Some fakers are compulsive liars who convince themselves of the truth of their own stories.


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  • When you take your laptop to the neighborhood coffee shop you can't help but feeling like a wretched poseur because the very act of taking a laptop to a coffee shop is completely redolent of conspicuous artiness and flat-out fakery.
  • It's a part of it and to deny that would have been fakery.
  • A young man and would-be dancer who comes to New York from small-town Ohio and is bewildered by the city's intensity and fakery, and rediscovers his passion in a tragic act of self-destruction.


late 18th century (originally slang): origin uncertain; perhaps ultimately related to German fegen 'sweep, thrash'. Compare with fig2.

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Hay 2 definiciones de fake en inglés:


Saltos de línea: fake

sustantivo & verbo


late Middle English (as a verb): of unknown origin.

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