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Saltos de línea: fast
Pronunciación: /fɑːst


1Moving or capable of moving at high speed: a fast and powerful car
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  • The big key to Daytona is making sure you have a fast car that is capable of getting out front and staying there.
  • Jamie was into speed, he liked fast cars and the adrenaline rush of living life on the edge.
  • Am I just different to the norm since I have never been a great lover of watching fast cars speeding around a piece of tarmac for an hour and a half?
1.1Taking place at high speed; taking a short time: the journey was fast and enjoyable
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  • On the one hand they can offer perfectly crafted pieces of writing just right for fast and enjoyable consumption.
  • Trainer Mark Hampton says that the fights are very fast and aggressive, in a series of short two-minute rounds.
  • On the one hand, everything has to be very fast and superficial - a sound bite that you can grab in a second.
1.2Performing or able to perform a particular action quickly: a fast reader
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  • Yorkshire are waiting for a fitness report which will reveal if the fast bowler will be able to play tomorrow.
  • But this is a very fast printer able to cope with heavy workloads.
  • He was a fast learner, able to look back at his own mistakes and improve.
1.3(Of a surface) allowing or producing high-speed movement: a wide, fast road
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  • The first mistake was to choose indoor carpet, a fast surface, that suited Leander's serve and volley game.
  • It's not a high-speed circuit, there are not many fast corners.
  • Our fastest roads (our motorways) are also our safest.
1.4 Sport (Of a playing field) likely to make the ball bounce or run quickly or to allow competitors to reach a high speed.
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  • Taking the fast outfield into consideration, fans could be in for a rather heavy-scoring game.
  • Both batsmen got in some early practice, taking advantage of friendly bowling from the PCA XI and a fast outfield.
  • The surface of the pitch was outstanding and the outfield was fast and true.
2 [predicative or as complement] (Of a clock or watch) showing a time ahead of the correct time: I keep my watch fifteen minutes fast
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  • Perhaps our watches were a little fast, or our internal clocks had been affected by the huge amount of alcohol in our systems.
  • The calendar is loaded, the meter is ticking and that damn clock has to be fast, doesn't it?
  • It's 2:30 by my watch (though my watch is a bit fast), and we're still in Portland.
3Firmly fixed or attached: he made a rope fast to each corner
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  • Dockhands caught the lines and pulled the ship in and made it fast.
  • We sent boats with ropes and hawsers to the rocks, wound a rope round a rock, made a hawser fast to the rope, and swung to it with a length of hawser.
secure, secured, fastened, tight, firmly fixed;
stuck, jammed, immovable, unbudgeable, stiff;
3.1(Of friends) close and loyal: they remained fast friends
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  • JJ and I had become fast friends, not as close as Dane and I were but close enough.
  • She became fast friends with Alicia, since she was closer in age than the rest of the sisters.
  • They fought the Soviets together and are fast friends.
constant, lasting, unchanging, unwavering, enduring, unswerving
4 Photography (Of a film) needing only a short exposure: a 35-mm colour film which is ten times faster than Kodacolor II
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  • Again this is where you use the fast film and enlarge for the portrait.
  • This was big-time exposure country, and had I known in advance I would have brought my tripod and a stock of fast film!
  • It's a good idea in any case to have a selection of slow, medium and fast film on hand at all times.
4.1(Of a lens) having a large aperture and therefore suitable for use with short exposure times.
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  • So depending on the lighting conditions you may need to use fast lenses and/or high speed film.
  • It should be lighter, with a fairly fast lens, and reasonable responsiveness and battery life.
  • Obviously you will want to use your fastest lens, let me know what it is and I will try to suggest a film for you to use.
5(Of a dye) not fading in light or when washed: the dyes are boiled with the yarn to produce a fast colour
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  • From the tubes, a not so fast dye is extracted for colouring silk.
  • The setup had to be optimized for response times below microseconds by using a fast dye and by applying a fast fluorescence detector.
  • All those shops selling these goods have to give consumers the assurance that they are fast colour, non-shrinkable and correct size.
indelible, lasting, permanent, stable
6(Of a person or their lifestyle) engaging in or involving exciting or shocking activities: the fast life she led in London
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  • Mumbai, on the other hand, was used to money and a fast lifestyle.
  • Lack of strong family bonds and fast lifestyle also contribute to this habit.
  • Reid is one such fellow, his name frequently prompting the response 'Who?', even from those of his compatriots with a passing interest in wheels and fast living.
wild, dissipated, dissolute, debauched, intemperate, immoderate, louche, rakish, decadent, unrestrained, reckless, profligate, self-indulgent, shameless, sinful, immoral, extravagant
informal swinging
7 (also farse) West Indian (Of a person) prone to act in an unacceptably familiar way: Mammy said, ‘Stop asking questions, you too damn farse.’


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1At high speed: he was driving too fast
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  • Responsible drivers know that driving very fast or recklessly will endanger their life and other people's.
  • I stalled and swore, went too fast or too slow, but he was patient and spoke to me in soothing tones.
  • At that point, the US share market had been growing extremely fast for several years.
hastily, with all haste, in haste, hurriedly, in a hurry, post-haste, pell-mell;
without delay, expeditiously, with dispatch, like a shot, like a flash, in a flash, in the blink of an eye, in a wink, in a trice, in no time (at all), on the double, at the speed of light, like an arrow from a bow
North American informal lickety-split
literary apace
1.1Within a short time: we’re going to have to get to the bottom of this fast
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  • The news spread fast and the crowds became a crush within a few hours.
  • Everything happened really fast, there was a lot of people.
  • He spoke of his days in the school and how fast the fifteen years since he left had gone.
2So as to be hard to move; securely: the ship was held fast by the anchor chain
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  • It's no use, the door's stuck fast!
  • Maybe you are like an idol to her to have her cling to you so fast.
  • Why is the anchor stuck so fast in the wreckage?
3So as to be hard to wake: they were too fast asleep to reply
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  • I thought nothing of flopping onto the hotel bed and falling fast asleep.
  • The buzzers would go off in the night and when the nurses came to see what was wrong they would find the patients fast asleep.
  • The woman lay fast asleep under a blanket on her bed, until the noise of the snoring outside stirred her.
deeply, sound, completely


Old English fæst 'firmly fixed, steadfast' and fæste 'firmly', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vast and German fest 'firm, solid' and fast 'almost'. In Middle English the adverb developed the senses 'strongly, vigorously' (compare with run hard), and 'close, immediate' (just surviving in the archaic fast by; compare with hard by), hence 'closely, immediately' and 'quickly'; the idea of rapid movement was then reflected in adjectival use.


fast and furious

Lively and exciting.
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  • The cognitive world we live in is fast and furious and full of transport and unknown noise and probably very challenging to many people.
  • The second half was full of fast and furious play, and when the full-time whistle was blown, the Sri Lanka Army had proved to be too strong for the Panthers, winning by a final score of 28 to 21.
  • It will be fast and furious stuff, and full of passion, but everything must come to an end sooner or later.
frantic, wild, frenetic, hectic, fraught, feverish, fevered, mad, crazed, manic, hyperactive, energetic, intense, turbulent, tumultuous

fast worker

informal A person who makes rapid progress or achieves results quickly, especially in love affairs.
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  • When he visited last year's Edinburgh Film Festival, Fresnadillo was beginning to turn his thoughts towards what he might do for an encore but admits he is anything but a fast worker.
  • A happy-go-lucky person, Dethan says that he has always been a fast worker.
  • A fast worker who relies on the defense rather than strikeouts, Baldwin is displaying superb control.

pull a fast one

informal Trick someone: he had been trying to pull a fast one on his producer
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  • It's tough when a close pal pulls a fast one on you.
  • You aren't pulling a fast one on me, are you?
  • But will customers think the fast food giant is pulling a fast one?
informal outfox, put one over on, run/make rings round
dated outjockey

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Hay 2 definiciones de fast en inglés:


Saltos de línea: fast
Pronunciación: /fɑːst


[no object]
1Abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance: the ministry instructed people to fast
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  • On inquiring, he learned that this man was fasting frequently to atone for his sins.
  • Twenty years ago she started fasting regularly because she felt a spiritual need to do so.
  • So fasting in Lent or not eating meat on Fridays seems odd, even eccentric now.
abstain from food, refrain from eating, deny oneself food, go without food, go hungry, eat nothing, starve oneself;
go on hunger strike
1.1 (be fasted) technical Be deprived of all or some kinds of food, especially for medical or experimental reasons: all patients were fasted before surgery
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  • Patients should be fasted, rehydrated with intravenous fluids, and given oxygen therapy and adequate analgesia.
  • The animals were fasted for 24 hours before the intervention.
  • Domestic country breed pigs of both sexes, weighing 22 to 26 kg, were fasted overnight with free access to water.


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An act or period of fasting: a five-day fast
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  • On Christmas Day they can eat these things, but the rituals centre more on the last day of the fast on Christmas Eve, he says.
  • Repeated juice fasts are recommended at intervals of every two months.
  • St. Thomas lived a life of austerity; his fasts, for instance, being in marked contrast to the luxury in which he might have lived if he chose.
period of fasting, period of abstinence;


Old English fæstan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vasten and German fasten, also to Old Norse fasta, the source of the noun.

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